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  1. *The camera shot opens up with Alias Antonio already stood in the middle of the ring with a microphone, full wrestling attire on although he isn't scheduled for any match.*
    Lets just cut to the chase. People spend a lot of their time nowadays forcing the masses to read between the lines on whatever they're trying to get to in terms of promos. I've fallen prey to that mistake more than once because I constantly forget how mentally inferior this audience can be, actually not this audience, but even the locker room. I've always had a purpose in what I've said though, no matter how "complex" it was to understand. Everything I said had meaning to it. All I hear from these chumps nowadays is ALL FLASH and NO substance. Which brings me to my next point.

    Luis Ovaldinho.

    *Crowd cheers as Alias shakes his head at the reaction.*
    Yup, that's right. Your unsung, unthought of, martyr of a "hero", right?

    Last Sunday at IWT Anarchy, was the first time I haven't competed in this ring since my return at IWTMania. It felt strange, but to no ones surprise, I, along with my good friend Dat Kid, still had my hands full with bullshit. Michael wanted to ban us from this arena, yet allowed those Bullad Club scrubs walk around as freely as possible around here. Heck he had Rivers Cuomo on fucking commentary! Outrageous. Then they came out and ambushed us when it was none of their damn business.

    Now, Aids is still in the IW3, but we knew he would bottle it. It was common sense, natural selection blah blah call it what you want. But to all the haters and trolls out there claiming that "Haha the IW3 is dead! All Hail Bullad Clubz!" "Huehuehue IW3 haven't won a match since their formation rawr xD LMFAO"; guess what, this isn't over and will not be over for a very long time. We've got plenty of more ammunition in our tank and we're ready to splurge it all out in the upcoming months. Aids was just the test dummy, now you're getting to the real deal. Me.

    See I could've been the one to end Jack Forte's history making reign, I really could've, but my sights aim higher than that. I could've also entered that Universal Title tournament months ago and won the whole damn thing, but there was much more important doings on my list. HELL, I COULD'VE ENTERED THE TAG TOURNAMENT AND BECOME A 3 TIME TAG CHAMP WITH SOME SECOND-RATE BUSH LEAGUE PARTNER AND CARRY HIM TO VICTORY AGAINST OTHER SECOND-RATE BUSH LEAGUE TAG TEAMS. Sound familiar? But I had much more competent goals set in mind. I don't do things for more accolades or accomplishments, as I've got plenty of them, I do things that can benefit me in the long-run and right now I'm watching the reaping each and every one of them benefits. But it still isn't enough.

    Virtue as it may be, Ovaldinho doesn't deserve to be champion. He wouldn't be IWT Champion without me and he has not faced true competition since he waltzed his way into the main event scene, simple as. Like I said, all flash, no substance. That's where I step in, I've got a rematch clause that I still haven't put into good use. And I know everyone is amped and anticipating that wonderful, truly sensational 5-star main-event match in the making between Danny Jacobs and Luis Ovaldinho at Dragon Rising, but I'm going to save everyone the disappointment and become a much-needed roadblock for that "dream match". Lets be honest, the Bullad Club and Ovaldinho are in eachother's back pocket, believe it or not, but the reality of what I see backstage and the fiction of what you guys see out here is completely different and they're clearly in cahoots. I know for a fact they didn't want the much-anticipated Jwab vs. Alias to happen, that's fine. They, especially Ovaldinho became a roadblock. Now I'm just re-paying the debt.

    But no, I'm not gonna insert myself in it to make it a 3-way at Dragon Rising. Simply because I'm tired of the Bullad Club bitching about not getting opportunities and I'm honorable enough to allow Danny Jacobs to have a fair one-on-one match as much as I don't like the dude.

    I'm challenging Ovaldinho whenever he's ready. Vice, dark match, whatever the fuck you want. You think a title can't change hands in a dark match? Keep thinking that because I'm a ceaseless history-making wrestler and I make history even when it doesn't involve me because I set up the damn tourney that MADE Luis Ovaldinho and now I want back what's rightfully mine. I'll have the IWT Title, and Ovaldinho can go back to where he belongs, along with his mentor in the trash that ambles the deep blue sea below his yacht. Give me my match or you will regret it.

    *Alias patiently waits.*
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    Never do anything like this line ever again please.
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