Tired of the Same Old Shit

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  1. *Dat Kid limps his way out to the stage. He looks around out the crowd who are on their feet booing. He stands their for a moment with no expression on his face and then proceeds to walk his way down the ramp, using his cane for support while he walks. Dat Kid passes by a child who screams "you suck"!. Kid turns around and stares right at the kid. He walks closer to the kid and kneels down to the kid's eye level and stares him right in the face. The kid scrambles back to their parent and Dat Kid proceeds to the ring. He signals for the mic and a chair. He opens the chair and sits right in the middle of the ring. The crowd starts to get restless and the boos get louder.*

    Commentator 1: I apologize folks I don't know what's going on right now, Dat Kid was not scheduled to make an appearance.

    What did you say?
    *Dat Kid looks over to the commentator and gets up out of his chair. He goes to the far side of the ring and leans on the ropes with mic in hand* Did you say I wasn't scheduled to make an appearance? I held this company on my back when everyone else was leaving. I made this company what it is today. This ring stands in this middle of this arena tonight and is being held up by my broken bones, by my lacerations, by my sacrifices! So I don't need to schedule anything to make an appearance on MY show. I am IWT, people expect to see me whether or not it's on that little notepad you read off of or not! You want to apologize for me appearing on MY show? How about you apologize for being an idiot....You think I'm playing? Apologize! I may be on a cane, but i can certainly come out there and still kick your scrawny little ass, now grab the mic over there and apologize!

    Commentator 1: I apologize

    You apologize for what?!

    Commentator 1: I apologize for being an idiot.

    *Dat Kid laughs* That's what I thought. *Dat Kid limps back to his seat in the middle of the ring* Oh you guys are mad now huh? You weren't mad when I nearly was paralyzed from the waist down, but you're mad now. Shut your dumb asses up! You should be cheering right now. You should be happy that I'm not another rookie making his debut here in the IWT, cause isn't that shit boring. You should be glad I'm not some idiot like Farooq who thinks he's a moon fairy and wastes everyones time with brain fried promos, like he ate a bag of shrooms before he came out here. People think IWT is going great, better than it's ever been, but let me be the one to object. IWT is exactly where it was when it started. We have Gohan once again in the main event. Did he fight for a number one contenders spot? No!...but somehow he just finds his way into our main event for the biggest title in this business and you people are content with that. Hell, Aids was about to do the same thing until I stopped him and Seabs, a man who has had less matches than Victoria Parker has had sexual encounters is now the World Heavyweight Champion, but we're all cool with that. We're all just going to twiddle our fingers in idle stupidity right?

    No...this is the same shit! No one moves upward in this business. No one gets a shot at the titles they deserve! We don't even have fucking #1 Contender's matches anymore!...but that's all about to change now. I have been named the Commissioner of the IWT and this place is about to get purged of all the mediocrity wandering around backstage. *The crowd starts chanting "you sold out"*

    You sold out they say...your damn right I sold out! I can't compete and that eats at my soul, so if I can't compete, I'm picking the champions!

    Ladies and gentlemen, get the fuck up out of yout seats and for those of you watching at home, set your DVR's. The man I am about to bring out right now is the future face of this company. There is not a single man who can hold a candle to him. He is the destroyer of the past, sadist of the present, and the man of the future! This..is... Suicide
  2. The arena's lighting goes into a dark shade of green and Suicide's theme hits:​
    Fog spouts from the stage,Suicide emerges from the entrance way,he looks around at the crowd,gets a negative reaction,and, smirks. He slowly walks towards the ring in a sea of boos. He enters the ring,stands by Kid,and, signals for his music to be cut.​
    "Man that was riveting and completely true. You see ever since Kid made his debut here in IWT he's been forced to carry it on his shoulders to keep it from imploding within. He's worked his ass off to change this company for the better and what did you all do? You boo'd him since day one,he tried to make this company better for YOU and YOU boo'd him! Kid's career got cut short,a career dedicated to changing this company and you all cheered when it ended! You are all a bunch of sheep,you get fed lies by the people you cheer just because they try to pander to you! Even though Kid's career ended his cause lives on through me. I will be the man responsible for bringing the change this company oh so deserves! The change starts in two weeks at Money In The Bank when I beat Seabs,a man who defiles the IWT World Championship. He will be beaten senseless and at the end of the bout I will be announced the new IWT World Champion! When I become the IWT World Champion you will not only see the change,you will feel it."
  3. *David comes out and enters the ring*​
    "I completely agree with everything you are saying, and I respect you two completely. For far too long IWT has been bland and the same, it was lacking CHANGE. And in my opinion, you guys are the change I want, and the whole IWT fan-base oh so desperately needs. Kid was forced to carry IWT on his back for a long time, and now that we have you Suicide, I think IWT has a fighting chance to live. Now I am asking you... NO TELLING YOU, you have to beat Seabs, because after Seabs is out of the picture, this place will get the change it deserves.​
  4. Suicide looks at David and smirks. "You don't have any say around here. What makes you think you can come out here and tell me to do something? Last time I checked no one even knows your name. I don't give a damn what you want and I certainly don't give a damn about what these mindless sheep want. Go to the back,earn your spot in this place and come back down here when you're ready." Suicide smirks and basks in the sea of boo's the crowd is dishing out.
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  5. Yawn. Chants
  6. "I hope Seabs fucking murders you."
  7. Excuse me sir, the audience members are supposed to be behind the barricade. If you would be so kind to move your ass from my sight, thank you.