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  1. Date: January 26th, 2014
    Event: Royal Rumble

    John Cena and Randy Orton are in the ring, the title is raised, DING DING DING. all of a sudden a familiar voice is heard, the voice is screaming "I Did It!" and "Enough is Enough!" the 80s pop music hits, it's Brian Kendrick! Brian Kendrick runs down and here it comes the 720 SPLASH! 1-2-3 DING DING DING!

    Somebody heard the 1-2-3 and wants some action he been in side China he's taken so much crack he riped it! it's 1-2-3 Kid, Running down he slams Kendrick down here it comes the 12345678910 KICK, Brian Kendrick is on life support! When the lights go off, 3 gongs go off, fog fills the arena it's D-Lo Brown! Running down he shook his head so much he died on the apron! Out of no where Kane comes out he literally choke slammed The Kid to hell! while looking down he waves and says hi to Benoit! Owen Hart comes from the rafters! This time he fell and cross bodied Kane 1-2-3 DING DING DING! Brian Pillman has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!
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  2. Exactly

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  3. this wins.

    Pillman sucks and Cena vs Orton? Wtf?
  4. Genesis FTW!
  5. Got to disagree, Pillman was supposed to beat flair and get pushed heavily in the early 90's but Jim Herd stopped it, and Austin has stated he was supposed to feud with Michaels in mid 1997 but his ankle was re-injured. Pillman was just like Owen in the case he was very under-estimated. great character he evolved into. Brian Pillman was one of the top wrestlers in 1995-1996 but was stumped by the leg injury! PLUS this take place at the Rumble
  6. You followed the dirtsheets in the 90's? I'm impressed.
  7. Nah, Jim Ross said it on his DVD
  8. Oh..... taking back my impressed remark!
  9. How can that be impressed, it was sarcasm! haha. PLUS Dirt sheets didn;t talk about much on AOL back in the day, much better nowadays!
  10. Good times good vibes
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  11. sooo... was this supposed to be posted here?
    Edit: Should probably read the title.