Tito Vilanova to step down as Barcelona manager

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  1. Looks like he's going to step down due to health issues. Rosell is apparently speaking about it in a press conference tonight. Absolutely horrible news, but I hope Tito recovers well.
  2. gutted for him but it probably is for the best hope he recovers quick not sure who will take over though klopp would be good though ive never known so many top clubs loose there manager at the end of this season
  3. Doubt they'll promote from within as their coach who takes over isn't a good manager, just good at coaching. Spanish U21 coach might be a contender. Klopp is amazing. If you gave me a chance to choose any manager in the world to manage United, Klopp would be my choice.
  4. THANK GOOOOODDD :yes: not to sound cruel but i think it's time for Barca to get a new manager with fresh ideas that will bring something new to the team. and i also think it's the best choice to make for Tito.
  5. Hope Tito recovers well. I was actually excited about Tito vs Pep aka Barcelona vs Bayern
  6. Damn. Bad news, even if we are enemies. I believe the want another "Made in Barca" coach
  7. There are rumors saying that former Barcelona B coach and current Celta Vigo coach will be Barcelona's coach
  8. Hope you recovers well, very sad to see.
  9. might be unrelated but guus hiddink has resigned from anzhi makalakalha could be off to barcelona
  10. Yep I've got a feeling he's off to Barca, would be quite a good appointment.
  11. Not sure he fits their style, but he's a great manager.
  12. #Barça appoint Gerardo 'Tata' Martino for 3 seasons

    Graham Hunter the source. Knows everything Barcelona related. Glad they've appointed someone, now we can get Fabregas!
  13. Only if arsenal don't want him imagine the rage from arsenal fans if man utd get him
  14. Even if they want him, his preferred choice is United apparently (Source: Sky Sports). Van Persie has a huge influence. The clause in his contract might cause issues, but I'm sure the player himself can refuse to go there and pick United. It just means Barcelona HAVE to listen to Arsenal's bid first, right?
  15. i think if they accept man u's offer they have to offer him to arsenal for the same amount which i think they'll go for then its just a matter of who he'd rather join i always thought he'd pick arsenal everytime tbh
  16. Can't see him going to Arsenal over United tbh, mainly due to how many trophies he won at Barca, really can't see him wanting to go back to a team who haven't won anything in years after winning 2 a season, he'll choose United imo.
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  17. Don't really care about Tata, I think he's there because of Messi...
  18. Reports are Fabregas is considering his future and if he were to leave his preferred choice is Manchester United.
  19. i don't think he'll leave just yet i think he'll replace xavi in the barcelona midfield as he is getting older he's nearly 34 after all
  20. Different player than Xavi. Fabregas is more the Iniesta, not the Xavi. Thiago was the future Xavi.