TNA 11/19/2014 LD

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  1. @Testify misses his mark AGAIN!? Oh Lerd.

    Tonight we have Bobby ROOOOOO being a badass, a dank fucking KO match for the belt, some tag team matches, Kurt Angle's neck veins, and so so so so much more!

    Use this as the LD, or have someone put a HQ thread together and merge them shits. Either way, tonight @Snowman @GrammarNazi82 @C.M. Bryan @Nero @Testify @Testify @Testify and more than likely @Tsar for 10-15 minutes.

    lmao @Kassius HoHo will be creeping in the background. Seriously if there ever was a night we would LD, tonight is that mah fucking night. So many gifs, nudes, and a random post by Deth to give FTJ a LQ run for his money. The only thing missing, is a Dixie Carter leak in a tanning bed. 'Sgo!
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  2. Is there a match for the X-Division title tonight as well? Hoping either Manik or Low Ki ends up with it if so.
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  3. Nero got banned, fyi.
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  4. Who's Nero?

    What time does it air again 8 eastern or 9? I can't remember over the last few weeks that I've missed.
  5. 9 eastern.
  6. Im ready for tonight I hope
  7. Have watched so little Impact lately. Anything in particular I need to know going into this?

    May or may not be here. Bwahahahahaha!
  8. I can make a HQer LD than this btw Aids.
  9. Sure, if you don't show up on time i'll pm you spoilers and skype them to you over the course of the next few days.

    I don't know what other matches will be on, I'm just here for Taryn.

  10. We finally dropped that dude? What did he and TGMI do this time? or did our mods go Cena and tell them their time was up.
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  11. Would some moderino partake in making this excrement live?
  12. Pm'd Stopspot. I would ask Shadow, but he's busy dropping that thun thun thun.
  13. @Shadow you got a minute to make this chickenshit bullshit live bro?
  14. Live now
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  15. Beats being dead now....

    THANK YOU TRIP! :yay:

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  16. I'm here, muffin man. :stopspot:

    @Tsar, did you finish your homework yet so you can stay the whole time?
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  17. ahh dammit I forgot about TNA stream garbage... please no stream issues please no stream issues please no stream issues...

    Dynamite drop in from Lady Dynamite. The crew is back in town, crew is back in town... :boss1:

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  18. This thread is Live and dedicated to @Testify 's mom.
  19. The first fucking TNA link I click is Extra. Wtf.
  20. lmao what the shit?