TNA 2013 Attendance Numbers (Lockdown-Bound For Glory)

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  1. From the first road show all the way to BFG.... Most of the numbers come from Meltzer, but some aren't.

    March 10th: San Antonio, TX - 7500 (Lockdown PPV)

    March 14th: Chicago, IL - 6500 (TV tapings)
    March 28th: Jonesboro, AR - 4000 (TV tapings)
    April 11th: Corpus Christi, TX - 3000 (TV tapings)
    April 25th: Indiana, PA - 3300 (TV tapings)
    May 9th: Tupelo, MS - 3000 (TV tapings)
    May 23rd: Tampa, FL - 3000 (TV tapings)

    June 2nd: Boston, MA - 4000 (Slammiversary PPV)

    June 6th: Peoria, IL - 2800 (TV tapings)
    June 20th: Duluth, GA - 2800 (TV tapings)
    June 29th: Las Vegas, NV - 3500 (TV tapings)
    July 18th: Louisville, KY - 3500 (Destination X, TV special)
    August 1st: WIchita Falls, TX - 1800 (TV tapings)
    August 15th: Norfolk, VA - 2500 (Hardcore Justice, TV special)
    August 29th: Cleveland, OH - 2700 (TV tapings)
    September 12th: St. Louis, MO - 1900 (No Surrender, TV special)
    September 26th: Little Rock, AR - 2300 (TV tapings)
    October 10th: Tulsa, OK - 1000 (TV tapings)

    October 20th: San Diego, CA - 3500 (Bound For Glory PPV)

    Biggest crowds:
    - San Antonio, TX
    - Chicago, IL
    - Jonesboro, AR

    Lowest crowds:
    - Tulsa, OK
    - Wichita Falls, TX
    - St. Louis, MO
  2. Huge improvement of what they were getting at the iMPACT Zone, Good to see.
  3. Those fans got for free in the Impact Zone. Always.
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