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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kio, Oct 5, 2013.

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  1. TNA has took all these superstars from WWE, I mean don't you think TNA is making more success, WWE copied Bully Ray as Ryback. Also sorry for going off-topic isn't that Bully Ray on the sites logo?

  2. No, because TNA doesn't have AJ Lee. Wherever AJ Lee is is the best wrestling company.
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  3. WWE is making hundreds of millions a year. TNA isn't. You tell me who is having more success.

    The only guys on the TNA roster that WWE would love to have back is Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, but neither one's absence has put any kind of real dent in the company. They probably wouldn't mind having Gail Kim back either to help strengthen the Diva's division but they don't care a whole lot for their female division anyway.
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  4. What Kevin says. WWE is a wrestling juggernaut, the biggest company in this industry. TNA is lucky if it is ranked third. That isn't a swipe at TNA, New Japan is on too much of a roll to be ranked below TNA.
  5. God I hate these threads.

    Quick note: Sting, AJ Styles and Austin Aries have never worked for WWE.

    Since when is working for another company a bad thing? Oh you parted ways with WWE? Never work for another company, Quit your dream and get a normal job.
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  6. Getting talents from other companies is sometimes a great way to start up a company, depending on how you use them. Look at WWF, they took Steve Austin, Mean Mark Calloway, and Chris Jericho and made them all into multiple, and entertaining world champions. The problem I have with TNA, is what they did with Jeff Hardy and RVD for examples, slapping the World championships on them so quickly. The way they did it with Bully Ray was a more proper way, building his character from the company, having him work years and making sure he's over as a heel.
  7. And the point of this thread is....?

    I mean LOL, the only ones that were relevant in WWE and are in TNA now are Hogan (he's gone btw :emoji_grin:), Hardy and Angle.

    Don't know why Styles, Sting and Aries were marked, it is just terrible. And don't begin with "he worked a dark match" and he "participated in Tough Enough". Ha-ha.

    Just terrible thread.
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  8. No, they still blow at advertising.
    Also, why is AJ Styles, Aries and Sting marked?
    You missed Bully Ray, Christy Hemme, Jay Bradley, Knux and Taryn Terrell.
  9. WWE is making a lot of more money than TNA, they don`t care about those wrestlers because they have a whole bunch of people to take their places

    Why is AJ Styles and Aries marked?
  10. Taking talent from WWE doesn't make TNA more successful. Those top guys TNA took from WWE just costs them more money.. Money that they're not making back.

    I do think TNA is more interesting at the moment though. WWE is boring right now in my opinion. Having a vacant WWE Champion sucks. It draws me further away from the product, it doesn't make me intrigued on who's going to become the next Champion.

  11. I agree about vacating the championship. It's my opinion that when you vacant the world title, have the new champion be crowned in a setting that feels big and important. Like the booking of the large tournament for Wrestlemania 4 or Survivor Series 1998 (coined the "Deadly Games" tournament) or the new champion being crowned in the 1992 Royal Rumble match or even the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution 2005, etc. Knowing that Bryan/Orton would happen three times in a row on PPV, vacating the title only to have the new champ decided in the same exact match three weeks later (followed by another rematch the following month) is very uneventful to me, especially with Big Show's drama sort of overshadowing what Bryan and Orton are doing at this point. Would have preferred they just switched the title back to Orton on a reverse decision the night after NOC.
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  12. Knux has worked for WWE as well. Bully,Tessmacher, Hemme and Taryn have all worked for WWE too,
  13. Where you're talent comes from doesn't matter. It's how you utilize it. TNA could sign guys from the WWE, from Japan or from the indys and if they misused them the results would still be the same. And in a business as limited as pro wrestling is you're most likely going to wind up working for the alternative at some point if you leave your home promotion. Especially if you go from the WWE. And TNA are smart by signing WWE guys from the standpoint that they already are fully trained and know how to work in front of a TV set up, a indy guy might have to be taught to work TV style. A WWE guy will already know how.

    To use a bad metaphor. If I worked for Coca cola with making soft drinks and I quit/got laid off. Obviously I would try to get a job with Pepsi since I already know how to produce a soft drinks.
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  14. What. I don't understand this thread.
  15. My guess: OP wonders why TNA signs WWE guys yet don't see the same ratings or gate successes that WWE does.
  16. TNA is the new WCW just another place for old wrestlers
  17. Yeah, go away RVD, Ric Flair, Goldust, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and all the other old guys. Damn youuuuuuuu TNA!!
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  18. TNA: The retirement home for washed-up WWE stars.
  19. Out of curiosity, can you name all the current "washed up" WWE superstars on TNA that are wrestling?
  20. The only current person I could think of is Jeff Hardy,and I honestly haven't seen him in action in a long time.