News TNA Champion AJ Styles to Defend in the UK, Canada and Puerto Rico

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    - Fresh off of his unauthorized and unsanctioned title defense at last night's Wrestle-1 event in Japan, AJ Styles has apparently received booking requests from promoters around the world. Over the last several days Styles has reportedly received inquiries from promoters in the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Syles also told the Wrestle-1 crowd last night that he intended to return to Japan.

    Styles is no longer part of the TNA roster and was stripped of the TNA World Heavyweight Title by TNA President Dixie Carter, but has appeared with the title belt for unauthorized appearances in Mexico and Japan. In an #IMPACT365 video posted Friday Carter threatened legal action against any promotion who uses TNA's intellectual property without permission.

    Thoughts? @Rainman @Stopspot @Seabs
  2. Depends entirely on the promotion I guess. In England if I could pick I would send him to Preston City. They have the best in ring quality product and quality overall on their shows. ICW in Scotland might draw big crowds but they are a bit too much sideshow wrestling for me to think they would work in this angle. PCW is the PWG of the UK so send him there and let him have a go with Kris Travis or another one of the top dollar guys there.

    Puerto Rico means either the WWC or the IWA, most likely WWC and I'd guess Carlito.

    Canada I just don't know. Is there even any Canadian promotion that is "big" right now? I guess Alpha-1, I wouldn't complain about AJ vs Ethan Page or Josh Alexander from a match stand point. But still there's no really BIG promotion over in Canada.
  3. TNA is pretty big over here, AJ should do OK in PCW.
  4. Yeah if he showed up in PCW it would probably result in the biggest crowd PCW has seen. They seem to be good with the marketing in that fed so they'd get the word out quick.
  5. Wish he'd defend in Brazil. :downer:
  6. If he goes to PCW I will go but he wont be facing Travis, god no. He would be facing Lionheart, he is the current PCW Champion, heel etc and has a good gimmick to face Styles. He has also hinted at the match throwing the challenge out to Styles and claiming Styles is to scarred to reply.
  7. Any solid pro wres companies out there?
  8. Well, there's a (relatively) big one called BWF, there was some sort of tournament last year there that involved KENTA and Eddie Edwards and a few other high profile names.
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  9. Lionheart vs. AJ?


  10. He looks like he let a sneaky trump off and isn't sure if anyone heard it.
  11. Really want to see AJ facing Lionheart, but the storyline is somehow boring right now. It was interesting when it was all about AJ Styles leaving, now Dixie has fucked it all up imo. I mean, it was great when AJ, the champ left the company and defended the title in other promotions but Dixie saying it should be called AJS WH Championship makes it look shitty.
  12. I could see it happening, not even that but Lionheart is on pretty good terms with TNA. He worked with Jarrett at the training school and at the TNA Live Event in Glasgow to "Generate local buzz with local talent" and once or twice a year TNA flies over a few guys for Lionheart's promotion, we have had Styles, Magnus, Robbie E and Mickie James.
  13. Lionheart vs. AJ probably on December 6th in a champion vs. champion match in PCW.
  14. [​IMG] I would confirm it at this point.
  15. Great news, as I'm always hearing (and sometimes seeing myself) only the good news about PCW wrestlers and events.
  16. Bah....Makes me want to go to a PCW show.....
  17. UK and Puerto Rico sounds like a fun deal :obama: At least with the UK wrestling I'll be able to understand everything then too. Canada though, I'm not familiar with at all. Still, could put on a fun match though, so I'm open to it.
  18. According to the Twitter account of UK promotion Preston City Wrestling (@PCW_UK), TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will be taking on PCW Champion Lionheart!

    "We have agreed for @AJStylesOrg to face @LionheartUK at PCW on Dec 6th! Only issue before we confirm is @TNADixie trying to block our deal"