TNA Employees Upset Over Destination America Tweeting Parody Article

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  1. From WrestlingInc:

    Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio last night that some people in TNA were "just livid" over Destination America tweeting out a link to a parody article from stating that RAW would be moving to the Network:

    While the story of RAW moving to Destination America is funny and innocuous, the fourth paragraph mentions TNA not existing in the near future:

    Raw will now go head-to-head on the network against Ring of Honor and, if it still exists next week, Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling. Some experts are predicting a "ratings war" in which WWE will fight viciously to claim at least 98 percent of the "adult males aged 18-34? demographic, leaving ROH and TNA to quibble over the scraps.

    The tweet is still live on the Destination America Twitter account. Meltzer noted that while some people in TNA are upset over the tweet, they can't really say anything. It should be noted that most of the wrestling-related tweets since have been promoting TNA.

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  2. I'll steal this from @Bort but I guess it fits
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  3. It's all over the GLP and conspiratard sites, i fucking love it.
  4. it's funny but why would they even post that .-.
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