TNA Executive Departure

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  1. This Thomas guy handled the media? :mad2:
  2. TNA did media?
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  3. Media did TNA? :pity:
  4. TNA did Public Relations?
  5. Rain made a post?
  6. Where is Cloud?
  7. Stop taking this offtopic Punk.
  8. Hush.
  9. Watchout, we've got a crew member here! :badass:
  10. Here
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  11. She was a clueless fuck,. no harm done there.
  12. Jules Wortman leaves TNA

  13. Jules Wortman leaves TNA

    Made a thread already. :isee:
  14. ^ Thanks! :otunga: Saw this one on page 2 after I posted the other and was headed to close it.
  15. Myself and Aids are gonna apply to work for media in TNA.
  16. Suppose it couldn't get any worse.