TNA Impact Wrestling -August 1st, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    -Thursday, August 1st, at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    Wichita Falls, TX​
    What to Expect​
    -With so much chaos going on with Bully Ray, as he tries to get back his TNA World Title back in his hands, Sabin will do what, he suppose to a fighting Champion that TNA can be proud of.No it won't be rematch for the World Title with Bully Ray tonight, but Sabin will get to face for the first time, Manik in a Champion vs Champion match? Will we get a fair fight, to display these two talented Wrestlers skills, or will the MEM or Aces and Eights come to crash the party?​
    -The fans are in control Thursday night, as they are in charge when it comes to the Bound for Glory Matches, we want to see.We can friends face other, or we could see past rivalry's go against each other for the delight of the fans.Thursday we could see match-ups like Hardy vs Anderson, or Styles vs Austin or even Joe vs Magnus, can't wait!​
    -The rumor going on in the Locker Room is, the Main Event Mafia has a offer Aces and Eights can't refuse, what is that offer, and how will it change the landscape of TNA for the weeks to come?​
    -After Mickie James defended her Knockouts Title over Gail Kim, we had a confrontation with ODB and Gail Kim! ODB never runs from a fight, and neither does Gail..whether either of these two be looking, to tear the other apart, we will find out.Also with the return of Velvet Sky Thursday, will she be looking for another rematch with Mickie, and how will Tayrn Terrell feel about that considering she has been putting on shows with Gail, she shouldn't let Velvet just come back and take her spot in the division, or will she?​
    -Thursday, it's August 1st..that means a new superstar to debut, who could it be? Hardcore Holly, D-Lo Brown, Shelton Benjamin, Davey Richards? I hope it isn't Hardcore Holly, he won't put asses in the seats, but let's see who this man is, before we hang em?!​
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  2. Sabin vs Manik is gonna be great. Awesome work on already making the LD btw.
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  3. #August1Warning :yes:
  4. I'm excited, TNA has been awesome for this past year and a half. Sabin vs Manik will be good, guaranteed unless MEM or A&8s interrupt. I would love to see Joe vs Aries vs Magnus in a BFG series match. And I hope that the #August1Warning is good and we get a proper main-event quality superstar, as he'll most likely have to be there after the A88's eventually disband.
  5. Meh, Nothing that interesting. Perkins and Sabin will be good, Boring Aces and Eights and Mafia bullshit. August 1st will be shit, Its a TNA surprise.
  6. Sabin vs Manik sick. TNA always knows how to make at least one match that I'm always excited for.
  7. You are the most pessimistic TNA "fan".
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  8. Not much of a fan but its a TNA surprise, They dont often come out good. It may be good and it may not tis yet to be seen.
  9. Sabin/Manic should be a hell of a match. Damn, I'm excited about the show :yay:
  10. Love it. It's Monday morning and the TNA thread's up before the Raw one :yay:

    Holy cow, it finally looks like the X-Division is the focal point of Impact. It's about time! Lets enjoy this while it lasts, although I guarantee that's why ratings are up. Well, that and something different finally going on on Impact.

    #August1Warning: Please be Adam Pearce. Looks like an incredible main event, Sabin vs Manik is one of the few things that could possibly keep me watching if Bob Holly comes down that ramp... Hey, Pearce: If it is you, can you bring Ivelisse with you? Please?

    Otherwise not that hyped for this. Gail and ODB is skippable, and we don't know the BFGS matches yet. Hoping for the best.
  11. Actually, having the X-Division as the focal point is something new. I believe rating are better because Impact is making different things, watching the same shit in WWE and TNA is just so boring no one would care about a mid-week show like Impact. Actually this different stuff is what makes TNA great. Also the BFG Series are good stuff and may be another reason of why are the ratings better.
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  12. As long as the MEM and A&8 bullshit is kept to a minimum, I'm fine with it. Also I agree, we're seeing more good surprises, quality matches and promos. The PPVs are also quite good and have been for a long time now.

    Also in the UK, when does the show air on Challenge? I always have it recorded (thank you Virgin for the record series button) but I've forgotten and I think that I'll be able to watch the one before this #august1 show tonight, right?
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  13. THIS. +1 for anyone who rips the Aces and Eights.
  14. Sundays @ 9pm. PPVs too.
  15. Ahh, that's good. So tonight I'll be watching the recording of Impact that I believe is on my TV upstairs..
  16. I cannot believe Chris Sabin and TJ Perkins are both top champions in TNA and are about to main event a live, and on the road, episode of Impact. Just great.
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  17. Lots of buzz on social media about the Warning by all the TNA wrestlers. Interesting.
  18. What if now TNA starts making awesome programs, getting more viewers and earning more money? Would they sign back Morgan, Ryan, Tara, Cimson,...?
  19. Because he's not a TNA fan,he's even said before it doesn't deserve to be televised.
  20. Even if TNA doubled their incomes tomorrow, they still wouldn't sign them back the same day. Maybe next year.