TNA Impact Wrestling - June 13th, 2013 - Live Discussion

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    -Thursday, June 13th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    -TBD[I'll fill that in when it becomes available]​
    What to Expect​
    -Last week, with the Ladder Match with Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy building in the main event, the TNA World Champion headed for the exit signs.Suddenly, Bully Ray was met by his Father in Law and legally still his Wife, Brooke Hogan.Hogan was going for blood, but the sight of Brooke made him stop his attack! Does Brooke Hogan truly still love Bully, and if she she willing to turn to the dark side to show her love, we will find out this Thursday involved this family!​
    -If you didn't see Slammiversary, Sting lost to the TNA World Champion Bully Ray, and now he can NEVER..EVER..challenge for the World Title, well Sting said on twitter he felt "Being Left To Fight Alone", what did he mean by that? Also with Sting no longer allowed title shots, will Thursday be the last time we see the Stinger?​
    -This week, we get to see the combatants in the Bound for the Glory Series, and we are going to get it first started with a return match with Kurt Angle and A.J Styles! Angle won at Slammiversary, can he do it again Thursday? Let's not forget, Rampage made an impact showing that he's not afraid of the Gold Medalist...will Rampage be looking to sign a message to Angle, and help A.J Styles get into the Bound for Glory Series?​
    -World Tag Team Champions James Storm and Gunner vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian - the winning team will enter the BFG Series.I'm hoping for Daniels and Kaz to win this, but Storm in TNA's mind is too popular to keep out.Hopefully we get to see a great tag team either way!​
    -The current Knockouts Champion is playing mind games with Velvet Sky, as she wants her rematch, will she be smart enough, or good enough in the ring to when that day comes, well she be ready?​
    -The stupidity with Park/Abyss and Devon gets even more weird than a episode of Jerry Springer this Thursday!​
    -Who will put themselves in line for a title shot for the X-Division title, King..or Suicide, hopefully we get a match in the X-Division this week.​
  2. AJ Styles in action = win.

    Plus, Crimson is back!:yes:

  3. Hahahah just found that from last week. But, I'm glad BFG is starting back up.
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  4. I think the week Sting will talk about what happened at Slammiversary, no one helped him. Could you imagine another 8 men tag team match?

    I don't really think Rampage will do anything in that match, I think he won't even appear in the show, what Rampage needs to show he'll do it in a match not attacking from behind
  5. :win: As far as I know I should be here!
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  7. Brooke can always kiss them and make them feel better, brother. :hogan:
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  8. Bully Ray's balls are just awesome. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  9. Brother.
  10. I'll be here. :park:

  11. I could be 96% here. If my Internet speeds up. :bully:
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  12. Well...... I said I would be here. Now I have to change it to, "Hopefully I'll be here."

    Soooooo, yeah. If I'm fortunate enough to be in an area where it doesn't get too bad I'll do my best to be here. Otherwise, predictions indicate it'll roll through my area in the 6-8 p.m. time frame at this point, so maybe they'll blow on over before iMPACT starts (8 p.m. my time).

    In short: I'll do my best.
  13. I'm excited for tonight's show! Everything that seems to be planned for this evening sounds interesting :obama:
  14. I'll be here like always. :ksi:Looking forward to it.
  15. The sight of Brooke Hogan makes me sick.
  16. Crimson is back tonight = highlight of the entire show!:adr:
  17. Rumored that MEM is supposed to return tonight with Sting leading it. I am 99% going to mark, I loved the old Main Event Mafia. Apparently the reveal of who's involved is next week though, just announced tonight.
  18. Have no idea if I'll be here or not (say about 70% here), but am 90% sure nobody cares anyway lmao

    First time I'll be reading spoilers for Impact. Main Event Mafia return? Hell to the no.
  19. But what if it's the "New Age" MEM, with the younger likes (i.e. Storm, Gunner, Magnus etc.) ? I sincerely doubt Steiner is coming back, Nash & T for sure aren't, and Angle seems to be insane.
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