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    When:9 P.M/8 CT​
    Where:Tulsa, Oklahoma​
    What to Expect:​
    -On Thursday night Impact A.J Styles the number one contender for Bully Ray's TNA World Title confronted all the issues involving Hogan, Dixie Carter and TNA.Everything was going well for him till Bully Ray stopped the party, and confronted his challenger weeks before the most important match in both men's lifes.Will either men confront the other, to get an advantage in this bout?​
    -Last week Hulk Hogan's time was up to join Dixie Carter, but instead of Hogan joining Team Dixie, he decided to quit TNA forever it seems.Even as Hogan was leaving, Dixie Carter was begging Hogan to stay within the Company but he didn't change his mind.Now Dixie Carter is all alone in the jungle of TNA, will she be able to survive on her own, or will she put someone new in charge as the GM?​
    -At Bound for Glory TNA will gives the dreaded Ultimate X match.The X-Division Champion Manik will have to defend his title versus four hungry challengers in Sabin, Hardy and Aries.His challengers could legit take the title away from him, will any of these be looking to show the others, who's gonna be standing tall after the Ultimate X match?​
    -After Magnus lost in the gauntlet to Bobby Roode, Sting came out to calm the nutcase Magnus after losing.After a few minutes of talking, it seems Magnus was a huge Sting fan as a kid, and Sting is going to make him famous at BFG, what will Magnus do now, with their match now scheduled?​
    -This week we get to see the first ever E.G.O hall of famer in Roode, as Daniels and Kazarian will induct him.Will this hall of fame go smoothly or will someone stop the party before it gets started?​
    -A new Knockout debut as last week and her name is Lei'D Tapa.She Father is the Barbarian, a very dangerous man from the past in the sport of Wrestling, and it seems she has his genes! The first victim was Velvet Sky, and Tepa came to TNA to dominate the whole division, who will be her next victim?​
    -Could we see another Ethan promo this week, and maybe get another chance to see who he is?​
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  2. I like my live threads more, but this is a solid B+ , so I'm ok with it.

  3. Storm and Gunner video from last week, really made me love them even more


  4. Trust me Gunner up close, seeing him live, he's super huge!
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  5. I was here for this shit last week when part of the time it was just Kassius and me talking back and forth. :aries: You don't have to remind me to be here, just the rest of those douches. Hoping my dude pottsy946 will be here, as well. Already messaged him about it.
  6. Also, based on the whole second I popped in the Raw discussion last night, I take it the live discussion plug-in is working now?
  7. Would you pay me to be here? Unless you pay me, I won't be here! (or maybe I will, don't know yet)

  8. I've got 60 cents in my pocket. If I mail that to you will you be here?
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  9. :no: 60 cents is like 50 Cent. Nothing but boring! I was talking about controlling this site for a week and things like that.

  10. :why: I don't wield that kind of power! Someone pay the man so he'll be here!

  11. Also, does that mean you'll actually be here?
  12. inb4 Crayo creates a special group with the admin bar but doesn't allow me to get into the ACP or ModCP
  13. I will be here for Impact. :yay:
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  14. Tell me Testify of all people did not just drop a B+ bomb from outta nowhere.

    Hope I watch live. Just because waiting even the littlest of whiles to see that EGO induction ceremony would be a cryin' shame.
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  15. I'll be here for the BFG.
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  16. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I do not get it, please elaborate?
  17. I will also be here for BFG. :yay:
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  18. Considering I'll be here for the live discussion, it'll probably turn into forum going down for an hour or two because the level of interest in the BFG thread will rise so much after people see I'm there.

    :testify: = ratings
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  19. Someone make a bet on that bullshit for if the LD is fixed or not. Skype time, bros. Testify is down.
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