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  1. TNA stars Kurt Angle & Gail Kim have been doing a major promotional tour for TNA this past few days.

    Kurt Angle: "TNA is looking for a wrestler from India"

    In an interview with Business Standard, Kurt Angle revealed that TNA is scouting local talent in India during a promotional tour of the country this week.

    "We want to promote wrestling in India. I think we are going to become successful and the most effective way to promote in India is to see who the next talent from India is," Angle said.

    "TNA is looking for a wrestler here from India. We are going to obviously have a competition and we will see whom we can get from here. The best thing to do for the country is to recruit from the country. Our first step is to see whom we can get, what wrestler we can get from India to be part of our roster."

    Sony Six, which is the broadcast partner for TNA in India, also stated that it plans to add 500 hours of wrestling programming per year.

    "There is a huge sports market in India, though it is still dominated by cricket, we see a huge future for wrestling. We have seen that recently wrestlers and boxers have been winning medals and TNA is a sport of wrestling and entertainment. We will look forward to giving 500 hours of programming each year on Sony Six," Multi Screen Media CEO Man Jit Singh said.

    No word yet on the possible new season of mega-popular Ring Ka King.
  2. That's pretty cool, scouting a country for talent. That'll draw in more Indian viewers if they find somebody good. Hopefully they won't get The New Khali.
  3. hopefully not racist, but what is Sanjay Dutt?
  4. Sonjay was a wrestler.
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