TNA listening to the fans.

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  1. TNA has been praised recently for listening to its audience. The stars that get the most reaction are normally in and around the main event or champion, they made TNA live, and now TNA is on the road. However, the one thing TNA fans have been complaining about for years still exists -- the announcers. I was watching TNA again this morning and I realised I could never give this show a 10 because of the announcers. I can't count how many times I either face palm, get annoyed, complain, sigh, and cry when I hear Tenay/Taz rambling on like a pair of buffoons.

    You could say they have listened by adding this mediocre third guy, but it needs a complete revamp imo. Tenay is just awful and I swear he's just there for nostalgia, and do I really need to say anything about Taz? We all hate him on commentary here, and he's just got MORE annoying as a heel colour commentator which I didn't think was possible.

    WHEN will TNA finally listen and change their commentary team, or will they even listen at all?
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  2. Taz mentioning the boil on his ass was probably the worst shit ever in TNA history.

    The midget fuck needs to go.
  3. I originally thought they brought Keneley in to learn something from Tenay, for him to mentor Keneley, and I still think that is the case.

    So I think, in year, year and 1/2, (at least) Tenay will be gone. TNA is now on the road, and Tenay is getting old, I hope, so he can't travel enough to call it weekly. Fingers crossed!

    As for Taz, really can't predict. Maybe when Aces & Eights storyline wraps up at around BFG, and he is "forced" to leave the announce desk.
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    Not fo nuthin' but I'm bulletproof
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  5. Do you know what the most annoying thing is? They have Eric Bischoff under contract and they're using Tazz and Tenay, it's a horrible thought. Hell even Jarrett could probably perform the heel role better than Tazz is stumbling through with it currently. I doubt either will go sadly for a long time either, they're adamant on keeping them and they are holding TNA back, how can I get hyped about a huge moment if the commentators sound like they're reading a bible?

    The worst examples are BFG 2010 when Bischoff "hit his own son" yep Tenay busted that one out at TNA's attempt at BATB :facepalm: and Sting's return to save the company from immortal. Where is Don West? He marked out for everything, it was annoying at the time but I'd rather everything felt huge than nothing.


    Bisch made Borash bareable also on Xplosion, he could probably do similar if bullying TNA as the voice of the A&8s, you know someone who has kayfab beef with Hulk and Sting being a member of the group that has been tearing at them for months.
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  6. Bischoff and Don West would be the best announce team ever.
  7. Yeah, Eric Bischoff would be great. Tenay is not that bad. He has been here for a long time, he needs to stay but Taz, get the f*ck out.
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    Taz brings up some good points as the heel douche, though.
  9. Crayo, have you watched Xplosion? They have Borash and Keneley on there, and they do a pretty good job. Nowhere near perfect, but compared to the shitfest on Impact this is like the glory days of JR and Lawler.

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