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    Samoa Joe challenges his former partner Magnus for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    Joe has promised to 'kill' Magnus in Miami on March 9th, will he be able to keep the promise?


    Team Dixie led by Bobby Roode battles Team MVP led by MVP himself for control of wrestling operations in TNA!
    What better way to settle things than in a spectacular 4-on-4 Lethal Lockdown slugfest for the control of TNA!


    Once friends and World Tag Team Champions, now bitter enemies!
    Who will walk the Last Man Standing after Sunday night's showdown inside the steel cage?


    Samuel Shaw will battle Ken Anderson!
    Will Shaw continue doing all the creepy stuff or will Anderson put an end to all of it?
    Can Christy Hemme get involved?


    Gail Kim challenges Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Championship!
    Former BFFs take it to the next level in their feud as they're locked in the cage!


    The Great Muta to make an exclusive appearance for TNA Wrestling!
    He will team up with Seiya Sanada and Nakanoue to battle the team of Bad Influence and Chris Sabin!


    Newcomer to TNA, Tigre Uno, make his official debut for TNA against a returning former X-Division Champion in Manik!
    Don't miss the X Division spectacle with two masked stars!


    After a 2 month long absence from TNA Wrestling, Jeff Hardy returns to the company in Miami!
    MVP announced on #IMPACT365 that Jeff Hardy will come back. What will Hardy be up to? Revenge on Dixie Carter?


  2. Updated the matchcard in the OP, Lockdown is a jacked card. Sticky the thread someone, please.

    Looking forward to Sunday night. Shame EC3 vs. Angle is out of the card, but EC3 will have an open challenge anyway, so it should be fun I guess as long as it's not Dewey & Norv again lol.
  3. This has all the makings of the best Lockdown in years. :emoji_slight_smile:

    I wonder if they'll have a real legit legend come back for one night only to face Ethan?

    Quick prediction: The stuff Dixie Carter was doing up in New York was getting rid of Jeff Hardy, and MVP announces Willow is the replacement. (This would be much cooler in person than it is on paper)
  4. Shark Boy was a real legit legend, mind you.
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  5. OH SHELL NO! :pipebomb:

    But hey, you are right, how could we forget about the international sensation and well-traveled legend Curryman?
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  6. EC3 to face Hardy.

    The card looks amazing, I thought it was team Roode, not team Dixie. Oh well, MVP is also rocking a b-cup with that shirt on, bad idea.
  7. EC3 faces Willow or Hardy? Hmmmmm
  8. EC3 to face Eric Young.

    My predicton, which means it'll happen.
  9. Its a solid card, all-cage ppv is back, we hope to get the roof for lethal lockdown again because last year the motor wasn't working to operate the roof. Sucks Angle is injured, I bet we'll get 3 good matches and few crap hole ones
  10. Hardy's on Team MVP for the Lockdown match itself so I don't think my boy EC3 is going up against him.
  11. The opening for tonight

  12. Legitimately can't wait for 4 matches on this card. Looking forward to the 2 others which weren't announced on the show. Am intrigued by what they do with Ethan with Kurt out, and only the Knockouts is a throwaway match.

    Great job TNA, best built mainstream wrestling PPV in a long time.
  13. Yeah it's TNA real true PPV of 2014 they need a big pay off with the matches tonight.
  14. Tommy Dreamer is hinting he's in Miami tonight.
  15. Hmm no way he's Wrestling for them though right? Right?
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    Will anyone even be here to discuss, the last two TNA ones have been dead.

    offtopic: Why do they do title transfers on non-televised events so close together 1st Tag Titles and then a few weeks back and now the Tag team again and X-Division a week ago.
    X-Division from Aries to Sanada last Sunday.. totally didn't notice because on Thursday they said something about Aries being the X-Division champ, that's the negative that comes with taping your shows weeks in advance.
  17. I'm curious to see who is going to come down and challenge the Legendary EC3PO
  18. This is the first Lockdown PPV since 2005 that doesn't have Sting or Angle on it.
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  19. 8 cage matches? wtf?!