Spoiler TNA One Night Only: TNA vs. The World Pay-Per-View Tapings

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  1. - Thanks to Jennifer for the following TNA One Night Only: TNA vs. The World pay-per-view spoilers from today's tapings in Orlando. No word yet on when these will air.

    * Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash hosted the show.

    * Davey Richards defeated Tigre Uno

    * Taryn Terrell defeated Angelina Love

    * Bram defeated Eddie Edwards

    * Austin Aries defeated Sanada

    * Drew Galloway defeated Jessie Godderz and then cut a babyface promo about Godderz being a good performer and about being proud to be in TNA

    * Khoya defeated Gunner with help from James Storm

    * Rockstar Spud defeated DJ Zema Ion

    * Ethan Carter III defeated Sonjay Dutt

    * James Storm vs. Magnus ended in a no contest when The Revolution and Gunner interfered

    * The rest of the TNA vs. The World and World Cup will be taped Monday
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