Spoiler TNA One Night Only: World Cup Pay-Per-View Tapings

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  1. - Thanks to Jennifer for the following TNA One Night Only: World Cuppay-per-view spoilers from Sunday night's tapings in Orlando. No word yet on when these will air.

    * The team captians are announced to be Ethan Carter III, Jeff Hardy, Eric Young and Bobby Roode

    * Ethan Carter III leads the team of James Storm, Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, Tyrus, Awesome Kong

    * Jeff Hardy leads the team of Bobby Lashley, Crazzy Steve, Rockstar Spud, Davey Richards, Gail Kim

    * Eric Young leads the team of Abyss, Manik, Samuel Shaw, Bram, Havok

    * Bobby Roode leads the team of Mr. Anderson, Gunner, Austin Aries, Magnus, Taryn Terrell


    * Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm

    * BroMans defeated Mr. Anderson and Magnus

    * Spud and Davey Richards defeated Manik and Abyss

    * Sam Shaw defeated Crazzy Steve

    * Awesome Kong defeated Havok in a Hardcore Match

    * Tyrus defeated Gunner

    * Jeff Hardy defeated Eric Young, EC3 and Bobby Roode in a Captain's Match

    * Gail Kim defeated Taryn Terrell

    * Austin Aries defeated Bram

    * Team Hardy defeated Team EC3 in an Elimination Match with Jeff Hardy being the sole survivor
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