TNA preview; Hardy chooses partner

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  1. So Hardy has chosen his partner for Thursday's show, "Cowboy" James Storm.

  2. Logical choice, it gonna be a helluva match.
  3. A Double and Double R the most talented team I've seen in ages.
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  4. And Dolph'sZiggler just shat himself after reading this, lol.

    Seriously a great team, no doubt.:woo1:
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  5. I'm pumped for it. Should be a great show and an awesome match, plus the show right before the PPV? I'm excited.
  6. It was obvious. Sure to be a great match.
  7. 4 of TNA's biggest stars in one ring, you can't go wrong.
  8. You got that right, brother. :hogan:
  9. [​IMG]

    Big surprise on the choice by hardy. Either way, awesome.
  10. I hope team Double has some sweet "double" team moves planned. :jeritroll:
  11. Damnit, Aids, get her out of my thread. :upset:
  12. Good Lord, that blink legit made me jump. Had no fucking idea it was a gif :lol1: Damn you Aids!
  13. That Claire Lynch dude should be the main bad guy in horror movies, honest to God.
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