News TNA re-signs The Wolves

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  1. Good signing, if they survive this all, The Wolves will be one of their best tag teams of all time. Also, they resigned Bram:

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  2. So TNA is not shutting the doors just yet eh? They must think they have an emergency TV deal in place, we shall see I suppose.
  3. They're announcing the re-signings of the wrestlers who already re-signed months ago ("multi-year deals"), just to make themselves look good in public after the recent news. Spin it like shit.
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  4. What Bort said. All these guys re-signed earlier this year (the Wolves in January for example). Hell, this is the fourth time or something this year that Bram has re-signed! Does he sign his contracts in dog years?
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  5. Apparently they're bigger 2 year contracts? Either way, I heard Austin Aries' deal is up in July.

    SIGN HIM UP, BOYS. I need my Aries vs EC3 feud soon.
  6. I need Aries in non-TNA enviroment.
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  7. Aries should just leave this shambles of a company
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  8. But Dirty Heels. Their theme is the best in TNA.

    Also, I kinda wish TNA would get Sam Shaw to turn Crazzy Steve heel as a sad clown and use them in a tag team. That could be quite fun.
  9. The king of hobos is the one who smells the least.

    Aries is in the same position Samoa Joe and AJ Styles were in before him, and that's not good. He's going to be built up time and time again only to be fed to whatever strikes Dixie or the network's tastes. And that hurts your value.
  10. Yeah, ever since A Double laid down for Hardy in 2012 he's been underutilized for me. Although very entertaining
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  11. True... I want for Aries to cash in his briefcase against Angle and then lose to EC3 after another title reign. Heck, I wouldn't mind him being the one to end EC3's streak next year when EC3's long into his reign. TNA building Aries up as the guy to end Aces and Eights should've happened...

    Either way, didn't Aries want to retire but then decided to go to TNA? I mean, ROH have a big TV deal now but I wonder if Aries will just leave TNA one day and go to another profession.
  12. Aries cached in and lost to Angle at Destination X, on the same night that Angle beat Spud.
  13. Wait, did that air already? I thought that would count as a spoiler so I tried not to mention that but yeah, I read those spoilers.

    Angle vs Spud sounds kinda hilarious but hopefully they can play it off a bit like EC3 vs Spud. Aries cashing in like that sounds like a bit of a waste, it won't do anything for the veteran Angle while Aries cashing in and losing to EC3 would make EC3 look really good. TNA pls :nooo: