TNA Slammiversary-June 2nd, Live Discussion

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    Only match so far, hopefully we get some better matches in the coming weeks.​
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  2. I'm expecting DOC & Knux vs. Magnus & Joe to be announced in upcoming weeks.

    Anyway, main event will have the stipulation added on Thursday, hopefully it'll make the match better, and of course, I expect the PPV to be a quality one, considering the matches that'll probably be announced for the show.
  3. Hmmm Magnus with Joe again, loving that TNA is using him correctly such a great talent.
  4. Really not excited for Sting/Bully personally.
  5. I doubt anyone is
  6. AJ Styles Vs Angle. Expecting that for some odd reason.
  7. Same here, and if it happens..could be match of the night considering the history of great bouts with both men.
  8. It's hard to get excited for it when Sting will probably not lose clean and will get protected, and we can expect a shitload of interference possibly aswell.
  9. Yes, I understand. I watch the show as well lol
  10. Really hope WWE doesn't watch this. Don't want them stealing TNA's idea of overbooking the hell out of a finish to protect Sting so freaking much that somehow retaining the title makes Bully look weak. They'll do it with Ziggler and *insert name of any opponent ever here*

    Oh, right, TNA. :yay: For some reason I'm expecting an 8-man tag between either Team TNA or Fourtune 2.0 vs Devon, Anderson, and either Doc and Knux or Garrett and Wes with the other two go after the tag belts. Not sure if it's good booking (sans Sting) or just listening to the Aces and Eights theme song over and over but I'm really looking forward to seeing the matches with them in it.

    Any way we can throw out the triple-threat for King vs Sabin, mano-e-mano or however you spell it? Gail vs Velvet's pretty much confirmed, and hey. We may get BI vs DH II. :please:
  11. Umm, I smell Devon vs. Abyss or Joseph for the Television Title.:park:
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  12. Well except a new champion then I imagine.
  13. Please yes, even I'm tired of Devon (not) defending his strap.
  14. Looks shit already.
  15. Me too but TNA needs to decide if they want that belt to be a creditable in their Company.If so give it to a known Wrestler like Joe or Magnus and let them run with it.
  16. Card updated, and it's watchable now.I guess we will get two Knockout Matches with maybe Mickie James vs Velvet Sky again depending on the winner next Thursday.
  17. Looking at the 6 matches announced so far, this is a pretty good card tbh.

    - Main Event can be (very) good if booked right
    - Tag Titles Elimination also
    - Ultimate X is always a joy to witness, and it'll probably be Suicide as the 3rd guy
    - Every Jose Park match is a fun match
    - Styles vs. Angle quality will depend (I feel) whether AJ joins Aces & 8s next week in Tampa
    - Gail Kim <33

    And I'm expecting Mickie vs. Velvet, and DOC & Knux vs. Joe & Magnus to be added, and a big MAYBE Jay Bradley vs. Shaw/Silva.
  18. Wondering who'll play Suicide if he's in the match and also Storm's partner.
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    Gail and Taryn: Last. Knockout. Standing.

    Sam Shaw vs Jay Bradley confirmed as well.
  20. Hope this is damn good! I want to see a good match, and for those ones who don't expect anything from Ray/Sting, just say that maybe the matches of what you expect it to be crap sometimes are gold, I expect something good for that match tbh