TNA takes legal action against Scott Steiner, reveals pay per appearance

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    2.5k per PPV?:dafuq:
  2. * vince doesnt know if 2.5k is good or not cause that seems like a fuck load of money to me
  3. I want 2.5 k for showing up at a PPV Scott, why you playin' me dawg?
  4. I wouldn't mind getting that much. :obama:
  5. They are going to sue Steiner for everything he's worth. Which unfortunately for them is nothing more than an understocked supply of steroids, some chain mail headwear, a few sex slaves locked up in a closet in his basement, and a box full of losing lottery tickets.
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  6. Lmao.

    They're suing to stop him doing ANY MORE. Steiner won't lose much at all.

    Stupid lawsuit though. Them suing Scott just brings attention to Steiner's remarks and lets others know they care enough about it to sue. Think about how many ex-WWE employees have slagged the product off. Do nothing, people forget.

    Plus, 2.5k and Hogan gets 30k? Pfft, Steiner > Hogan.
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  7. Definitely agree. I'm sure a ton of people who couldn't give a fuck less about what Steiner has to say are googling him as we speak to find out what he has been saying because of the attention TNA has brought on to his comments.
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  8. I still can't get over that he was payed 2.5k for PPV. I mean, the Knockouts and some undercarders are reportedly payed between 500-1k. That's shit man.
  9. Assmacher > Steiner TndA TndA
  10. :true:

  11. 2.5k to cut an unscripted babbling promo and then be in a random tag match, do a couple of belly to belly suplexes, flex, and go back to his locker room and chill? Sounds reasonable tbh
  12. Makes you realise how bs it is that Hogan gets 30k.
  13. :haha:
  14. TNA needs to do the math. Steiner's math.
  15. Lol, it'd be 33.3k per appeareance.:haha:
  17. :hogan: