TNA Wins!

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    Tonight was the most important night in the history of Impact Wrestling, in the history of TNA and Team TNA prevailed. Captain Drew Galloway lead the charge and secured the victory with a Future Shock DDT, but this was a team effort. Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Bram and Davey Richards all shined in victory.

    In the end the right team won. Now GFW and Jeff Jarrett are gone for good. Jeff Jarrett’s minority shares in TNA are back in the hands of Dixie Carter and all seems right in the world.

    The question now is what happens next! How will Dixie react and congratulate Team TNA? What is the status of Eric Young? In any event, a celebration has already started in Nashville at Headquarters. Bottles are popping as we await next week’s Impact Wrestling.


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  2. What 12 year old wrote this piece of shit article?
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  3. Probably the one they have video review impact every week.
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