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  1. A new theme hits as the crowd waits for someone to come out. The Artist walks out at 0:35 wearing a T-Shirt reading "TNG" on the front and "Hell Fire Burns Brighter than Heaven's Light" on the back. He makes it to mid ramp before spreading his arms wide and tilting his head back and Pyro shoots out into various directions.

    Artist: It's time! *Let's out a chuckle* I've been waiting for this for months. The time is right for PHASE 1. *Crowd pops* The IWT has been a wasteland and it's only a matter of time before it becomes a cold, abandoned tundra of old memories. OLD memories, the exact thing that I fear will happen to the IWT. No one talks about Alias and Joey Bryant, they talk about Aids and Dat Kid. No one talks about Chris Kaizer and Nick, they talk about CrayJ and Senhor Perfect. The most archetypal names in the IWT are always shadowed over the ones of today. That's an injustice to anyone who has ever had a mind for great talent because the one true thing about IWT is that nothing can be expected not even a lean eye for talent. That's when TNG steps in...The New Generation.

    Artist walks around and paces around erratically

    Artist: The New Generation is here to tear down the walls of the "legends" and to break the glass ceiling and to grab the brass ring. The IWT has had enough of washed up has-beens, it's time for true athletes to rise. It's time for NEW federations to grow and for a new sovereignty to raid and take over the IWT. The IWT is a moribund organizations being decayed by the geriatric age. I may be the first of The New Generation...but like every grows into an empire...a power that NO ONE can stop. This may be the seeds of a larger spectrum but it won't be a spectrum that will be destroyed by a shadow.

    Artist pauses before continuing.

    It's Rising.
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  2. Think u meant to type THG???
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  3. Nah, I was going to use WWE (World Wresting Elite) or TNA (The New Age) for the name. I thought TNH was going to say the same thing.
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    Dat Kid limps out to the stage, covered in bruises. His right eye has been swollen shut.

    The only thing rising are these people out of their seats, but here you are lowering your already rock bottom career. You stand in that ring trying to start a war with people who are already dead.

    I haven't been allowed to compete since Money in the Bank, Aids is in rehab for the 7th time, Senhor Perfect is in a nursing home, and Victoria Parker is the hardcore champion. I think out of the four she's probably got it the worse and with that said I have a question for you. Who in the hell are you trying to start a war with?!

    Roadster, on your best day you I wouldn't even let you lace my boots. You come out here with your dramatic music, you give yourselves generic badass names, you probably have to pay for your own pyro, and you go put on your temporary tattoos. You can do ALL THAT...but you're still Roadster and that's all you'll ever be.

    The new generation has already risen! We're living in it right now and you're blind to it...because you're not a part of it. You watch your brothers and sisters win championships and opportunities, but yet you have nothing. If you truly are a part of the new generation, you are the runt of the litter.

    I get beaten on a daily basis by Trip for no reason, but when I wake up to agonizing pain I see a glimmer of hope, because at least I'm not you.

    The first generation may be dead, but you never existed.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Artist Laughs.

    Artist: Yeah, ladies and gentleman the "god" is telling people their nicknames are over played. Go back to the locker room and suck Trip's dick, your time is done. The last time anyone cared about you was when you were facing me. The New Generation is rising for the simple reason to end the famine of entertainment and talent, that's spearheaded by you. You're not a great power anymore, Andrew said it best you're literally "Dat Slave From Jersey." A slave that thinks his limits are far from where they actually are...and you've already crossed those limits. In fact I challeng- wait...oh yeah you're a slave now and you can't compete because your pimp, Trip, is gonna bitchslap you again if you accept a challenge.

    Artist paces in the ring.

    Artist: You see Dat Kid no matter how many times you call me Roadster I don't really care. Because ladies and gentleman it may be a shock but I am Roadster *Pretends to be in shock*. You probably already know that because Dat Kid loves that fact, he get's an erection from it. see Dat Kid all you'll ever be is the man that never rose to the occasion when it counted. You failed to hold onto the World Heavyweight title...When it counted. You failed to keep yourself from a life as a servant...When it counted. You're an empty deity and that's all you'll ever be.

    Artist stands in place looking straight at Dat Kid.

    Artist: The saying goes, success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. I don't care who I lose to or how many times you'd like to bring it up because the cold hard truth is...I'm still at it. I'm still on my run to the top and the ones who stand in my way are YOU. That's exactly what The New Generation is here destroy you. Not to make you a slave but to END you. The fight is not against anyone for any reason but it's truly to finish you off. You can claim to be a god, a legend, an underrated icon and you can take me down to the gutter with you, but ALL YOU'LL ever be is Trip's bitch.

  7. Chris Kaizer walks out with a microphone. He runs into the ring.

    Brah, the new generation has already risen. But you can't keep up.

    Kazier slept.

    Kaizer runs out of the ring and to the back.
  8. OOC: Just so everyone knows this is a stable. Not anything like "2nd generation" or any of that stuff.
  9. :4/10:
    I'm sure it'll make Dudes With Tudes look like a million dollars.
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  10. Not sure if I can do what you do best.
  11. I'm a World Champ. Are you?
  12. Ashley, I've offered this section more than just storylines. Things that put you over. #ThankMe
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  13. Lmao, or nah. I can't remember you being here when I debuted? When I became tag champ and X-Division champ?j

    You haven't put anything or anyone over, you've just jobbed.
  14. lol. You obviously missed where I'm putting you on the same level if not higher then Aids, Kid, VP and Senhor. Or you may have missed the fact that I put you over heavily in the IWTN.
  15. That list is BS anyway.
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    Yeah, because your name is on too many of them.
  17. Nice one. Got me there.
  18. Dat Kid, your theme is awesome.
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