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  1. Welcome to Rock 'n' Wrestling! I am the co-owner along side @F.R.I.E! We bring the best stars of...the late 80's! YAY!

    There are two shows, Monday Night Mosh pit and Wednesday Night Worldwide! Mr.Frie will be controlling Monday Night Mosh Pit, Mr.Heel (me!) will be controlling Wednesday Night Worldwide!

    Wednesday Night Worldwide:
    Rick Rude
    "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth
    Jesse Ventura (yes he is wrestling shut it)
    Razor Ramon
    Roddy Piper
    Jake Roberts
    Sid Vicous
    Shawn Michaels
    Iron Shiek
    Irwin R. Schyster
    Nikolai Volkoff
    Magnum TA
    Robert Gibson
    Ricky Morton
    Ted DiBiase
    Michael P.S Hayes
    Terry Gordy
    Buddy Roberts
    Junkyard Dog
    Héctor Guerrero
    Rick Steiner
    Scott Steiner
    Jim Ross and Vince McMahon
    Ring Announcer: Michael Buffer
    Backstage Interviewer: Mean Gene Okerlund

    Worldwide Championship: Mr.Perfect
    Worldwide Tag Team Championships: L.O.D
    United States Championship: Héctor Guerrero

    Stables/Tag Teams:
    Legion Of Doom (Animal and Hawk w/ Paul Ellering)
    Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)
    Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S Hayes,Terry Gordy,and Buddy Roberts)
    Steiner Brothers
    Sheik and Volkoff

    PPVs (Cross Brand):
    January: Drum Roll- MSG
    April: Bass Bash- The Spectrum
    July: Wrestlerock- Pontiac Silverdome
    September: Gore In The Garage-MSG
    Decemeber: Battle Of The Bands- The Spectrum


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  2. The Stars of Yesterday Today! Featuring those old man from the 80s, The Re-Animated Corpses of Yokozuna, Rick Rude and Mr Perfect and A Mexican as You US Champion.

    Yeah, This should be good coming from you TNH....
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  3. The landscape of the BTB world has changed forever today with the formation of Rock & Wrestling. TNH and I are going head to head to bring the best sports-entertainment to all of our viewers. Monday Night Mosh Pit, the real flagship show, will have a mix of famous WCW, NWA, AWA, and WWF stars from the great Rock & Wrestling Era.

    Monday Night Mosh Pit's Roster:

    Hogan w/ Jimmy Hart

    Flair w/ Baby Doll

    Tully Blanchard
    Arn Anderson

    Ole Anderson

    Dusty Rhodes

    Ricky Steamboat

    Bret Hart

    Chris Benoit

    Lex Luger

    Owen Hart

    Dynamite Kid

    Davey Smith

    Mean Mark Callous

    Billy Graham

    Greg Valentine

    Jack Brisco

    Andre / Bobby Heenan

    Stunning Steve Austin / Paul E

    Gerald Brisco

    Steven Regal

    Nikita Koloff


    Billy Gunn

    Bart Gunn

    Eddie Guerrero

    Jim Duggan

    Bam Bam Bigelow


    Tag Teams/Stables:

    The Smoking Gunns

    The Four Horsemen

    The British Bulldogs

    The Brisco Brothers

    The Minnesota Wrecking Crew

    Hart Foundation (Owen and Bret)


    All titles will be decided in tournaments on the next 4 episodes of Mosh Pit

    1. R&W World Heavyweight Championship
    2. R&W Tag Team Championship
    3. R&W Mosh Pit Hardcore Championship
    4. R&W Global Championship


    Paul E Dangerously
    Don West
    Replacement: Joey Styles


    Howard Finkel
    Dave Penzer

    Backstage Interviewers:
    Gordon Solie
    Tony Schiavone

    As said, the PPV's are cross-branded. I will get the Main Events of Drumroll and The Bass Bash, while TNH will get the Main Events of Gore in the Garage and Battle of The Bands. WrestleRock will have a cross-branded main event match. I hope you enjoy the future episodes of R&W Monday Night Mosh Pit.
  4. _________________________________________________________________________
    Rock 'n' Wrestling: Wednesday Night Worldwide! Live from Civic Arena in Pittsburgh!
    Jim Ross: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Wednesday Night Worldwide! I am Jim Ross alongside Vince McMahon. Tonight we have a great show.
    Vince McMahon: That we do, JR. Macho Man Randy Savage will take on Magnum TA in a #1 contenders match for Mr.Perfect's Worldwide Championship!
    Jim Ross: We also have the Rock 'n' Roll Express going up against the Steiner brothers! Sting takes on Rick Rude for a shot at the US Championship.
    Vince McMahon: But right now, let's go down to ringside with Michael Buffer!
    Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon
    Ramon and Michaels lock up. Razor pushes HBK to the ground. HBK right back on the attack though with a dropkick to Razor's legs. Quick pin by HBK.! HBK off the ropes, Razor goes for a clothesline, HBK ducks it. He comes back at Razor just to be hit with a huge clothesline. Pin by Razor.! Kickout by HBK. Razor picks him up and lifts him up. Suplex! Razor get's up and starts taunting HBK and the crowd. HBK picks him self up in the corner, he waits for Razor Ramon to turn around. HBK with a kick to Razor Ramon's gut. Shawn sends Razor against the ropes. Dropkick by HBK! HBK starts climbing the turnbuckle. Razor Ramon starts to stand up, HBK jumps! Razor catches him. He set's up for it, RAZOR'S EDGE! No! HBK breaks lose, Razor turns around, SUPERKICK! Pin by Michaels. 1...2...3! Shawn Michaels upsets Razor Ramon!
    Jim Ross: Wow, Shawn Michaels upsets Razor Ramon in the first ever match here in R 'n' W Wednesday Night Worldwide!
    Vince McMahon: Razor is very angry about this. Don't want to get on his bad side, we will speak with him in a bit. But right now, we go back to Mean Gene with Randy Macho Man Savage!
    Mean Gene: Thank you, Vince. I am here with one of the most energetic wrestlers today! "Macho Man" Randy Savage! Tonight, you face off against Magnum TA! What are you thoughts going into the match?
    Randy Savage: My thoughts? Mean Gene...ohh yeah...Magnum TA enters the danger zone when he steps into the ring with the Macho Man! Oh yeah! When he steps into the ring and the bell rings, he is no longer safe from the madness! Ohhh one is safe. Not even Mr.Perfect! Perfect! You can stand behind any door! And I will still hurt you! Ohh yeah! The Macho Man is coming for your title! Magnum is just a stepping stone for me to get from here to you, Perfect! Be ready, because when the madness comes after you! Oh yeah...oh yeah...DIG IT!
    Mean Gene: Uhhhh...let's go down to ringside!
    Sting vs Rick Rude
    Rick Rude taunts the crowd. Sting goes for the roll up pin,! Rude kicks out. Sting is right back on the attack though. Sting picks him up and hits him with a punches. Rude counters one and gets a few of his own in. He sends Sting off the ropes, Sting slides out of the ring. Rude goes after him. Sting slides back into the ring and bounces off the ropes. Rude follows him in only to be hit with a clothesline from Sting. Pin.! Sting with a sideheadlock. Rude starts standing up he sends Sting off the ropes, Sting stops him self. Rude runs at him, Sting sends him over the top rope! Sting stands up on the top rope and hypes up the crowd. Rude starts to stand up and re-enter the ring. Sting off the ropes, baseball slide on Rude. The ref's count is at 6. Sting goes outside and throws Rick Rude back in. Pin.! Sting picks Rude up and goes for a suplex, Rude stops him and hits a suplex of his own. Quick pin.! Rude taunts the crowd before attacking Sting again. Rude picks Sting up and sends him into the corner. Shoulder block by Rude before backing off and hitting a DDT. Pin.! Rude sets up for the 'Rude Awakening'! No! Sting overpowers him and sends him over his back. Wait, Rude grabs a hold of his legs, pin. 1...2...3! Rick Rude walks away with the victory!
    Vince McMahon: What a manuver!
    Jim Ross: What a match! We will be right back after this!
    *Insert AIDS commercial here*
    Jim Ross: Welcome back to Wednesday Night Worldwide! I am Jim Ross alongside Vince McMahon. Right before the break Rick Rude defeated Sting for the #1 contenders spot for the US Championship!
    Vince McMahon: What a match it was, up next though, The Steiners face The Rock 'n' Roll Express for the #1 contenders spot for the Worldwide Tag Team Championships!
    Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Steiners
    Ricky Morton and Rick Steiner start out. They lock up. Ricky Morton takes controll. He sends Rick Steiner against the ropes, clothesline by Ricky Morton. Pin.! Kickout. Ricky Morton sends Rick Steiner to his corner. Morton tags in Robert Gibson. They send Ricky Morton off the ropes, DOUBLE DROPKICK! Pin by Robert Gibson.! Gibson picks Rick Steiner up. Rick starts punching Gibson. He sends Robert Gibson off the ropes, scoop slam! Pin.! Rick Steiner sends Gibson into his corner and tags in Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner with a suplex into a pin.! Scott Steiner picks Gibson up and hits a body slam. Steiner with another pin.! Scott Steiner sends Gibson off the ropes again, but Ricky Morton tags him self in. Gibson ducks a Scott Steiner clothesline. Ricky Morton hits a dropkick, Steiner turns around into a clothesline! Rick Steiner comes in and starts to attack Robert Gibson. They brawl to the outside. Ricky Morton pins Scott Steiner.! Ricky Morton picks Scott up and goes for a suplex. Morton goes up top. Double Axe Handle! No! Steiner get's out of the way. Rick Steiner comes in and kicks Ricky Morton in the gut. Double Suplex by the Steiners! Pin by Scott Steiner. 1....2....3!
    Jim Ross: Wow, what a match. The Steiners will now face the Legion Of Doom for the Worldwide Tag Team Championships!
    Vince McMahon: Right now, we go back to Mean Gene with Razor Ramone!
    Mean Gene: Thank you, Vince. Razor, in the first match tonight, you lost to the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels in the opening match. What are you thinking after that.
    Razor Ramone: Mean Gene, it was all luck, chico. Michaels only won because of luck, luck doesn't win you matches twice. Next week when we face off again, luck won't be there for him. I had that match won, chico. He got lucky, that's all I thought after that match. Michaels, next week, when we have our rematch, be ready. Because just like lightning, luck doesn't strike twice.
    *Insert MTV commercial here*
    Jim Ross: Welcome back to Wednesday Night Worldwide, I am Jim Ross alongside Vince McMahon. Earlier tonight before the show, The Iron Sheik attacked the Warrior. Next week right here on Worldwide, Warrior will face off against The Iron Sheik.
    Vince McMahon: What a match that will be, up next though, the main event. Macho Man Randy Savage vs Magnum TA!
    Randy Savage vs Magnum TA
    Magnum TA and Savage lock up. Magnum takes control early on, he hits Savage with a clothesline and goes for a pin.! Sideheadlock by Magnum TA, Savage stands up and powers out. A few punches from Macho Man. Savage sends Magnum TA off the ropes, clothesline. Savage goes up top and waits for Magnum TA to stand up. He jumps, Magnum TA with a punch to Savage's gut on his way down. Pin.! Savage kicks out. Magnum TA picks him up and goes for a suplex, he hits it. He hits a few kicks on the grounded Randy Savage. Pin. Magnum TA picks Savage up, Macho Man with a poke to the eye of Magnum. He starts hitting him with punches. He sends Magnum Ta off the ropes, scoop slam from the Macho Man. Standing elbow drop. Pin.! Magnum TA kicks out. Mach Man picks Magnum and hits a suplex. He goes up top. DIVING ELBOW! No! Magnum TA moves out of the way, Macho Man stands up and ends up getting hit by a HUGE clothesline by Magnum TA! Macho Man stands up again and gets hits by dropkick! Pin.! Magnum TA picks Randy Savage up and hits as scoop powerslam. Wait, Mr.Fuji starts to distract the ref. Yokozuna runs in and starts attacking Magnum TA. He hits a front powerslam. Macho Man goes up top. ELBOW DROP! Pin. 1....2....3!
    Jim Ross: Baw Gawd! Yokozuna and Mr.Fuji just screwed Magnum TA out of his chance at the World Title!
    Vince McMahon: Magnum TA is not going to be happy about this.
    Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, this it for us. Good night from Pittsburgh!
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