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  1. *It's another star filled evening and the camera zooms in on Trip sitting above what he calls his home at the moment. He looks down at something in his hand and clenches a fist around it*
    TRIP: So my mistake is thinking that I am indestructible is it? *The item Trip holds in his hand is actually a piece of Marcus's in ring attire that Trip managed to hold onto from their match on opposite teams for the IWT anniversary show* Let's find out exactly what you meant. *Puts his fingers to his lips and whistles. Fenris the wolf appears shortly after. Trip looks at Fenris.*

    TRIP: Fenris, here, smell this. *Fenris dips his head and smells the fabric, growling afterwards* Calm down. I need you to find him for me and bring him here. Understand? *Fenris tilts his head to the side and looks puzzled* No, I want him ALIVE. Do you understand me? *Fenris dips his head and whimpers. Trip pats him on his head.* Now go GET HIM!

    *Fenris runs off into the woods as Trip makes his way back into the cave to prepare for his guest*

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  2. *Marcus is in the warehouse where Britanica held him captive repeatedly punching and kicking a log. Suddenly he hears howling inside of the warehouse. He turns his attention to the shadows near the entrance of the warehouse when he sees a huge wolf walking towards him teeth showing and all*

    Marcus: Great I've been waiting all day for a reason to make something bleed. Come here wolfy you'll make a nice rug.

    *Marcus approaches the wolf and all the lights flicker every step he takes. He finally gets in front of the wolf and the wolf states Marcus directly in his eyes and lowers his head*

    Marcus: Obedient I see. If you wanted to attack me, you would have already. What do you want critter?
    *the wolf nudges Marcus towards the door and pulls his shirt*

    Marcus: fine wolf, you try anything I'll make a coat out of you

    *wolf growls and pulls Marcus towards the woods. After a few hours they reach the cave entrance*

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  3. *Marcus approaches the entrance to the cave. A figure can be seen in the cave, but his identity is hidden by the shadows for now. The figure speaks*
    ???: So Fenris did find you. *to the wolf* Good job boy. Go play, the grownups have things to talk about. *Fenris growls slightly at Marcus and then runs off into the surrounding woods. Marcus looks at the figure, obviously not pleased he has been drug out into the middle of nowhere*
    MARCUS: Come on. What this all about? Who are you?
    *The figure steps out of the shadows with its head down revealing a dirt encrusted Trip and Marcus immediately gets into a ready position, anticipating the need to defend himself. Trip holds up his hand*
    TRIP: Wait, wait. I did not bring you all the way out here to fight. You said something during our last encounter that intrigued me and I would like you to elaborate upon it.
    MARCUS: What?
    *Trip steps out from the shadowy cave entrance and raises his head to look Marcus directly in the eyes*
    TRIP: How exactly is me believing I am....indestructible......a weakness? My team lost to yours at the IWT anniversary show, even with that flamboyant @Farooq on my team, so I am seeking the knowledge you profess to have. *Trip motions to some logs by a fire nearby. What appears to be human bones lie on the ground all around the area. Some sort of meat on a stick is suspended over the fire* Please, sit down and take a load off. You must have traveled far to get here. *Trip sits down on one of the logs and picks up a smaller piece of meat on a stick and rips off a piece with his mouth and chews it*

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  6. Marcus: I'd rather stand. *Marcus laughs* you want answers. It take more than just advice to solve your problem. Britanica broke me down. Tore me apart from everything I knew before. Then finally I was given a baptism by fire. I had to accept what was in me. Before that I thought I was a juggernaut that nothing could get in my way of what I wanted. It was in that thought that made me believe I was indestructible and because of that, I underestimated those around me. Defeat consumed me and ate away at my very core leaving me to the only thing I knew...alcohol *Marcus paces around in a circle*. I had depended on the numbing of my pain once again. Britanica has shown me not to just let go of the darkness in me, but to embrace it. We all have our demons Trip. It's time that you let it all go. Your belief in being indestructible is futile. I had proven my point in the tag match as I would prove it time and again. Brother....what say you on this journey to a new beginning? *Marcus looks Trip dead in the eye and extends his hand*

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  7. *Kaizer is sitting in a hotel room in Orlando*
    Kaizer: And I thought the woman who fingered her self on the plane was crazy....
  8. *Trip looks up at Marcus and finishes chewing the food in his mouth. He throws the stick down and raises too his feet quickly, staring at Marcus for a moment. Marcus does not flinch at all. Trip then reaches out and shakes Marcus' hand strongly*
    TRIP: FINE. *pulls Marcus closer by his hand* Know this brother Marcus, you turn on me, and you will know what real pain is. *Trip releases Marcus' hand* I have had enough people turn their backs on me in the IWT already. @Dat Kid From Jersey, @Nickelodeon, and the rest of the DX group that promised me so much before they split without so much as TELLING me. *Trips eyes grow large with rage as he paces* I WILL have my revenge......some day. *Trip calms down* But for now, I think we have other pressing matters to attend to. Come, let us begin this journey you speak of. Let us bring terror and fear into the hearts and minds of the IWT superstars.

    *Trip begins to walk back the way Marcus came and motions for Marcus to follow him. The camera fades back and Fenris can be seen far behind the duo, following in the shadows. The camera pans up to the moon and a wolf's howl can be heard before the feed goes dead*
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