Storyline To Set The Record Straight

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  1. *Marcus is seen laying back in a chair in the locker room with a towel across his face and slowly tapping his right foot on the floor. He hears the camera man enter the room and he throws the towel at the calmer and begins to speak.*

    Marcus: It's that time again.....time for the night to rule. It was always inevitable that the darkness would appear and cast its vast shadow across the IWT.

    The night has no mercy

    The night takes no prisoners

    The night....will reign supreme.

    It is that supremacy to which I seek again. There is no one and I mean NO ONE who will stop me from ruling the night again.

    So IWT, the only logical thing for you to do give in.

    *Marcus shoves the cameraman out of the locker room and slams the door*
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