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  1. *Chris Young walks out dressed in his boots,jeans and leather jacket combo on and with a smug look on his face as he walks to the ring as he slides into the ring and runs the ropes he asks for a microphone and without wasting time he starts to talk.*

    Chris: Now I came out and talked about the new blood and well I’m also a part of this new blood and I’m better..hell I’m better than amazing inside this ring. I do it for my love and not to be left in the dust. Dammit, I held a company on my back for its lifetime and now I wrestle to show that I’m the undisputed future of this place. When you’re in this ring you can only rely on yourself and I see myself as a lucky man not only did I put in the hard work all my life but I have amazed everywhere I go.

    *Chris Walks around the ring with a very calm feel to him. He walks around the ring before stopping and looking right into the camera.*

    Chris: Now more than ever I need to show that The Amazing Chris Young is bound for greatness in IWT and that the bigger picture is me holding a championship something I have not done in a year and I don't count that match a few months back I was never named the champion.
    Everyone thought that I was out for good, they thought they ended my career well you were dead wrong everyone should have seen the look on your faces when I walked out here.
    Now I see some of you in the crowd already see that I belong here and thanks for that.
    Now the nitwits who disrespect wrestling and phone it in day in and day out makes me sick.

    *Chris Leans back on the ropes as the mixed reaction goes on to not be unfazed by the reaction..*

    Chris: This is my time and no one will take this away and anyone who tries will face a dream crusher and will be picking themselves up bit by bit. Now I want a challenge inside this ring so if anyone has the balls to fight me man to man and not hit me from behind.
    I’m the man who will be the future and I’m ready to show why to any son of a…

    *Chris Is cut off by the theme of Chris Kaizer and Young’s face changes to a stone face expression.*
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    Kaizer's music blast throughout the arena cutting off Young's promo. The crowd pops as Kaizer makes his way out to the stage. He looks around a bit before signaling for his theme to be cut.

    So, you're Chris Young? The "new blood" you call yourself? It seems everyone likes to claim they are the future of this company, even if they have done nothing to prove it. You can flatter yourself all you want, but what exactly have you done to prove you are the future, Chris? Scott Fargo beat me at SummerSlam, that's proving yourself. James Dragon beat Nick in a steel cage match, that's proving yourself. Ovaldinho won the IWT World Champion, that's proving you are the future. All you've done so far in this company is bring your dysfunctional family along to try and make a name for yourself. I don't care what you did in any other company, this is IWT. This is a whole different ball game. I don't know where you came from and I quite honestly don't care. You've been gone for how long and yet you wanna come back and start proclaiming yourself the future? That's not how this works, Young.

    Kaizer starts to make his way down the ramp

    You've been gone for a little while, so maybe you forgot how this all works. You win matches, which you have failed to do time after time. Then as you win matches you get chances at titles, which you had a shot at and you failed in that match. You don't just get to come out here and say these things without backing them up. So I'll give you a chance to prove it.

    Kaizer climbs the steps before entering the ring, he stands across from Young

    I'm a good samaritan, I like helping the needy. In high school, I had to do 40 community service hours a year. I never fulfilled that requirement, so I'll try and make up for it now. I'll give you a match at IWT Anarchy. You'll get to have your name next to mine on the match card, you'll get talked about, and maybe just maybe you'll show everybody why you are the "undisputed future". But I want to get one thing out of the way, this Chris Young's match. Not whatever family you can pull outta of your ass. I'm not facing your sister, wife, mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, or 4th cousin. I'm facing Chris Young, I want to hear from Chris Young alone. I want to face Chris Young alone. No excuses, nobody else but me and you.

    Kaizer walks up to Young getting face to face with him

    So what do you say? Do you want the chance to face Chris Kaizer at IWT Anarchy? Want a shot to actually make a name for yourself? Or are you going to disappear again, trust me, it doesn't work out well.

    Kaizer extends his hand for Young to shake
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  3. *Young Stares at Kaizer. Chris Starts to look around for a response from the crowd as he is Young tightly grips his microphone and raises it.*

    Sure you got a point I am new and this is a new place for me but I have shown I have what it takes inside this ring,
    Kaizer You are a guy who I have seen time and time before. You're a guy who has that pride and that hunger that feeds the love of wrestling and I respect that. I left ,yes I did but it was not my choice I was forced to stop doing what I love and now I’ll take on all comers in this battleground of a ring, I may win, I may lose, But I will fight 'Til my final breath Just to show you all that I’m here to stay and become a champion. I’m Just too good to be stuck in the middle, That’s why I left before and now I see clearly that I just gave up, No More! I’m done with running, I’m here to break dreams and make a name for myself. At Retribution and Survival, I did what you said win and I did I made name for myself. But at Uprising and in The Young Lion Cup I may have lost but I showed everyone what I can do!

    *Young Backs up and bounces off the ropes and walking side to side not moving his eyes off of Kaizer.*

    Let me tell you Kaizer Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life. Even if people have betrayed me, even if people misunderstood or judged me, I have learned from these incidents. We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference I take losses and build on them and I took this month of being out of the ring to do just that. You and I we are not that different in the way we wrestle. We both have that will of a champion and the heart to win.
    Now you been here longer than me so to become anything here I will have to beat a guy like you.

    *Young get's back into Kaizer's face with the crowd split on who to cheer for.*

    Kaizer I will take you to hell and back like I did with everyone before.
    I will show you why guys like you who come out and face me face to face earn my respect.
    I'm not running from this fight and I know you will stand your ground.
    This is my shot and no one is taking this from me not again, this is me and me alone! Kaizer at Anarchy, you are going to be in for an amazing fight!

    *Young Shakes Kaizer's hand.*

    May the best man win and may it be one hell of a match and steal the show.

    *Chris Leaves the ring*
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