Storyline To the beloved assclowns of The Order

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  1. *Andrew and Spinzz are shown backstage, Andrew is sitting on a bench wiping sweat off with a towel.*

    Andrew: For the second time these past few works that band of lunatics known as The Order have attacked Spinzz and myself after our matches, the first time we turned our cheeks. We figured it would all just blow over as usual but it hasn't, it's only gotten worse. This time Trip(@Trip in the Head) and Marcus(@TheArabHammer) took it too far. They didn't just attack us, they made it personal by taking off my friend's Spinzz's mask, he's worked for hard and for so long to keep his identity a secret for the sake of his personal life, but all of it was ruined in one night.​

    *Andrew pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts*

    Andrew: Now, it's time to retaliate, if they want a fight we'll give them a fight! We're going to show them that they messed with the wrong people here, we're going to clash with one another somewhere along this tournament and when we do they are going to wish you never attacked us!

    *Andrew gets up frustrated and the camera pans to Spinzz who was sitting next to him*

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  2. Spinzz slowly removes the towel he has used to cover his face, revealing the face of Alkaline. The crowd pops, having not seen him in months. He glares into the camera but cannot stop himself from smirking.

    Spinzz: Surprised? Yeah, it's been a while. Now, before you start asking questions about where I've been, I've already told you: I was off rocking the world of music. I needed a break from this, to recharge my batteries. And when I felt the time was right to come back, I did. I teamed up with my homie Andrew right here, and we started rocking this tag team tournament. I came back under a mask to start with a clean slate, become reborn if you will. And rocked it we did, we are two and o in this tournament. But a constant fly in our eyes have been these goons known as "the order of the night", two slobs I have no idea who they are and the crazy cat lady who ran things around here back when I was here before. First match in, they came into our ring and attacked us, probably to compensate for their small balls. We put it off as two kids being rowdy, but tonight they attacked us again, and they took off my mask. They took my face! These two court jesters and cross dressers took what was supposed to be my new start from me. But they aren't going to kill me, my mask may be gone, but spinzz still lives. I have plenty of extra lives in the tank.

    So order, here's what's going to happen. We're going to go home, we're going to play video games and order a pizza or two. Then we're coming for you. It's hunting season and we just got our licenses. So you flea bitten critters better learn how to rush, before you become dust. The Desperadoes are coming.

    Spinzz and Andrew walk off camera as their new titantron comes on.

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  3. OOC: I KNEW IT! It was the duplicate avatar photo that gave it away for me