Storyline To the Crusade

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  1. *Duke Nukem walks out to his usual pyro with a mic in hand*

    Our match is getting closer and closer soon me and my partner Dexx are going to be the number one contenders for the tag team titles but i want to add another stipulation to the match if the boys in the crusade are confident they will beat us which they have said they are.

    My suggestion is if they lose this match the crusade is disbanded if you guys are that sure you are going to win and have the balls you think you do come out here and say you agree to it.

    Your the crusade we are the Unholy alliance and not even the pope himself can save you in this match.

    *Gestures towards the back for jacob and rodrigo to come out*
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  2. OOC: Daaaaaammmmn. Nukem just laid down the gauntlet. Quite the stipulation. IF they agree.
  3. OOC: they are damned if they do damned if they don't lol
  4. *Duke nukem waits paitiently* I guess you guys really are straight up pussys you dont even have the balls to come out and give an answer how are you intending to beat anyone on this roster with attitude like that?
  5. OOC: I think we never said we will defeat you for sure... I believe in my promo I said that the ones winning our match at Uprising would for sure deserve to face The Cure...
  6. OOC: you ridiculed us in the thread for the card in character that says to me your pretty confident.
  7. OOC: Didn't ridiculed you, just tried to make some fun of what happened before because Dexx said you were his partner before that thread was up.
  8. *Aries walks out with a mic*​
    We will disband? You are sadly mistaken, We are not just some throw together group like you 2, We will not disband as of the result of a match, We stand together as one through thick and thin, We stand together as men, Fighting for a similar cause, We will not give up and we will not lose, We are in control. We stand as equals and always will.​
  9. Throw together group? what makes us throw together and you special? a dumb name i don't think so pal the fact you guys turned down the stipulation proves you guys are all chicken.

    Your not in control of anything at all you guys do know the crusades failed right i think its a brilliant name for you guys to take on.
  10. [​IMG]
    We are no throw together group, Just because your little friend scouted for a new partner and found you makes you one. You are fighting for no cause, You just want an aeasy trip to a spotlight, We are fighting a common enemy, Strength in numbers. We have not failed, We have not lost and we still stand.​
  11. OOC: Who said (in character) we refuse to make that stip official? OOC aren't in character posts...
  12. OOC: i thought thats what he meant he said we will not disband as a result of a match that means no to me lol
  13. I thought the same but when I kept going reading I felt he accepted it. Anyways, I talkled to him and yeah, it's a no
  14. Only under one condition. It will be a No DQ match, but there will be a special referee. We all know what happens with the polls around here
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  15. And we all know who'd love to see the Crusade disband
  16. I am cool with that.
  17. What does no dq actually mean in iwt?
  18. No idea. Kid just drove crazy and added that stipulation. I think videos, stream and pics are allowed. Personally, I wont use them
  19. OOC: Not the cure, you arent even on the radar, son.
  20. That's what NoDQ means, but if I can I'll use that shit because it's allowed.
    Didn't say it's the Cure :pity: You guys created a thread where you said we were going to win so I'm not saying it has to be you, you only want to beat us. (and you'll try to do it as well as we'll try to do the same)