Today is Barbie Blank's 27th birthday woohoo

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  1. Today 15th January is Barbie Blank's 27th birthday woohoo :emoji_grin: :yes:Happy birthday to her she looks so hot for 27 and has so much more to achieve. Please tweet her happy birthday @TheBarbieBlank

    Please dont close this thread mods
  2. >Today is Martin Luther King's Birthday
    >Talks about Kelly Kelly

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  3. Looks hot for 27? Jeez it aint like she's over the hill really!
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  4. Really, no one cares, not even status worthy.
  5. Thread closed in 3..2..1..
  6. please close this thread
  7. 0...... -1.......-2........-3
  8. Yeah, really! Since when does 27 mean you're old? Sheesh, we better get our rocking chairs and preparation H ready now.

    Anyway on the off chance that she's looking, happy birthday and shit.
  9. It's a great day for birthdays. KK, MLK, a bearded genius. A great day indeed.
  10. If 27 is old I'll just ship myself off into the retirement home now.
  11. Join me, my son.
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  12. Almost tagged you in that post lol.
  13. Happy Birthday, Whore!
  14. You think shes gonna suck 27 dicks today? Or just fuck 27 dudes in honor of it?

    That bitch is a slut.
  15. Happy birthday to her.
  16. What an epic fail this was.
  17. Thank you!
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  18. I know right :sad:
  19. In tribute to BLFFL's first thread after being banned I give you.

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