Storyline Today's Billionaires had to take risks!

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  1. *Lord Lee comes out to a sea of "Crusade 2.0" chants, Lord Lee sarcastically blows a kiss to the crowd as he nonchalantly makes his way to the ring, his EU belt around his waist. Ringside hands him a mic.*

    Lord Lee: Dear producer, I have left a song on your playlist, play it please, I want it as a instrumental backdrop to my my monologue.

    Lord Lee: After Uprising, plans were made for me to join a faction called "imperial nation", after so many months of comfortability and boredom, I decided to throw myself into the deep end of notoriety and join forces with a very notorious man, a man who established himself as one of the biggest bad guys around and it wasn't even fully intentional, he allegedly cheated to win the title which I won off of him at the Royal Rumble and then plotted for me to attack the former GM.

    While I expected this to have a lot people shaking their heads and going "OMG! Ben dovurr join up with jobber, what is the point?", I didn't completely expect the plot to be so transparent, I mean heck, all that needed to be done is have me disguise myself as a pizza delivery man and then ambush Jonathan. That's how it happens sometimes, many champions have lost their first match of the season after all.

    But just like when Ferguson signed Nick Powell, I thought it through and I know it will work for me!

    *Crowd laugh*

    But the beautiful thing is, is that this created a conversation about me, people debated all over the internet about what I did and why. It's simple, I know how to use the things around me to leapfrog relevancy, this is merely another of my unorthodox ideas.

    At the end of the day, a lot of these people backstage, they tell me how bad of an idea this is, how this will hurt my career. Well, I would care so damn much......

    *Lord Lee makes a Jim Halpert face and shakes his head*

    But I was also told by some pretty big stars backstage that I take my career "to seriously" and I need to be more relaxed. Yet when I decide to take a risk to make things more interesting... I am attacked and accused of not being legitimate enough in my decision making. Quite honestly, I'm sick of all these washed up veterans who believe they can just use any excuse to attack me and think it will get the better of me.

    I will make the decisions I appreciate making, always have and will continue to. This alignment will provide me more enjoyment than you will ever imagine. I can make Unknown the same hipsters favourite that Kaizer is. When Freaks and Geeks ended we all needed a new hipsters delight, and that would go on to be Arrested Development. Unknown is Arrested Development.

    If you may excuse me, I'm about to read people with no talent criticise my decisions.

    *Music ends, Lord Lee sarcastically applauds the crowd and gets booed, he strolls up the ramp and feed ends transmission.*
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