Tommaso Ciampa - The future of ROH?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Tomasso Ciampa has not been seen a lot on ROH TV since injuring himself at Boiling Point 2012, only returning recently. But with his in ring return getting closer and close, is he a guy the company can build on? Dude is good in the ring, something TNA tends to look for in their stars. Not to mention he is very well put together with a well built physique. He has the looks of a main eventer. He's not the best speaker but what I have heard has been decent, he gets his point across.

    Could Ciampa be turned into a main event/upper mid card player for ROH on his return. This is something that ROH is lacking currently. The Elgin train is somewhat derailed (he is still good but not getting the momentum he once had in ROH), then there is Cole possibly leaving for WWE (They might have signed him to a deal that starts once his indy commitments are done who knows), Lethal and Steen. ROH needs more talent on the top of the mountain and a young, tall and well working guy like Ciampa could fill a spot.

    Do you see this potential in Ciampa? Or is he a ROH mid carder for life?
  2. Still not sure about this guy he does have that intensity that would translate well in the main event scene but he as you said is not great on the mic.
  3. I do see the potential, he has improved a ton on the mic since his debut, and with the right booking could be a top psycho heel. He has chops in the ring and working with guys like Steen, Cole, Lethal, and Hardy could only improve that further. When he finally returns he needs to destroy everyone in his path on his way to Steen. If I had the book, I'd have him cripple Richards on his return, instant heat and credibility, but we'll see what RoH does with him.