News Tommy Dreamer back in TNA

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  1. Before you get a heart-attack, it's good news.

    He's back but working behind-the-scenes, in agent type of role.

    Tommy Dreamer was at Thursday's Impact Wrestling tapings. He was officially welcomed back to the company during the talent meeting and worked as an agent for several matches on the taping.

    Whether this was a one time thing or leads to a larger role for Dreamer within the company will remain to be seen, but John Gaburick has been trying to build a new office staff for the company in recent weeks.

    On another note, Scott D'Amore was backstage at the last set of tapings but there is no word on whether he is sticking around.

    Source: PWinsider
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  2. Dreamer and D'Amore are great agents, they would be very goood additions.
  3. He knows how to get reactions at least so its a good call IMO. Keep him back there though.
  4. Dreamer is a veteran from multiple companies, so it's good to have him help out some of the new guys in the back. Good call, can't help to mark for Dreamer too.
  5. Just watched his match vs. EC3 at a One Night Only PPV that was taped on 12/30 in Lowell, MA.

    I expected a lousy match, but holy fuck the match turned out very, very good with crowd going incredibly wild for Dreamer and every move he did (plus, EC3 is a massive douche, so he also did his part very well). Shows me the guy can still go even in a wrestler role, sometimes of course.

    I've heard nothing but good about Dreamer backstage, so I hope he does well backstage in TNA too. They guy is well liked by everyone, so I hope he a good semi-replacement for also loved Jeff Jarrett.
  6. Could be the secret investor hahah. That'd be interesting.
  7. Plz no.
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  8. He's probably a talent scout, which is a legitimate job for him at this point in his life.
  9. >Tommy Dreamer kicks out Dixie.
    >Brings in old ECW Originals, 60 and older only.
    >Releases new talent for not being "Hardcore enough"
    >TNA turns into Total Extreme Championship Wrestling
    >Dreamer wins world title.
    >Dixie returns with all the new talent that was released
    >Take over control again.

    Okay that was meant to be a joke but I actually turned it into a pretty solid storyline by accident...
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  10. inb4 Nancy Grace buys TNA
  11. DON'T.
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  15. Don't always get the hate for Dreamer he was and is a hometown hero done good. He works a crowd can build events and has a vast knowledge of wrestling. Is liked by greats like Foley and Funk if he cant help a company in some capacity then WWE need to fuck off this legend bullcrap. Same shit different company!
  16. Congrats for Tommy Dreamer should be a solid asset to TNA, alot of people watched him wrestle as they came through the ranks should listen to his words on Wrestling ladies and gentlemen of the TNA Roster.
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  17. PWInsider

    - Reports that Tommy Dreamer has signed with TNA as a "senior agent" are at best premature, according to TNA sources. We are told the two sides haven't even discussed that position as of this writing, although Dreamer was there and helping out last Thursday at the request of John Gaburick. Dreamer is currently in Los Angeles filming a movie, so reports he was in Nashville at the TNA offices yesterday are blatantly false.

    So he is in TNA, but doesn't have much power at all as previously reported.
  18. This is great for Dreamer, it helps fund him and lets him scout out talent for his HoH shows, which all 3 have been pretty freaking great so far (seen 1 live, other 2 streamed)...This is also great for TNA, having an experienced vet like Dreamer who has worked with the company before at that position will be very helpful to to the company.
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  19. That's bloody awesome!
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