Tonight: Velvet Sky Q&A on Twitter

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    Last week, Velvet Sky made her return to IMPACT WRESTLING and let the pigeons loose! Tonight, she returns to the ring in her first match back vs. Madison Rayne! But, one hour before IMPACT and before Velvet laces up her boots, she will answer your questions on Twitter! Here is what you need to do:

    Starting at 7/6c, tweet your questions to @VelVelHoller with the hashtag #AskVelvet. Velvet will #LetThePigeonsLoose and reply to your questions directly on Twitter!

    If you want to see Velvet's answers to all the questions, check her full timeline @VelVelHoller
  2. I'll be sending her a tweet right now :yes:
  3. I'd only ask her for marriage....
  4. ^Probably that or have sex with me for the rest of my life.
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  5. Did anything newsworthy happen with this?
  6. I missed it :((
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