Too late for another Jericho WWE title run?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Or would you guys welcome it? In this stage of his career, putting someone over seems to be a fetish for Chris Jericho. But would you want to see him have one last title reign? If so, would you want it under his Y2J character or as a heel?
  2. It'd be a nice way to really put over a younger guy. If he's on a 2-3 month reign feuding with a Rollins or Ambrose or even Ryback. Have them lose a couple before finally beating him would cement them in the ME spot.
  3. I would welcome it with open arms.He can still clearly go in the ring . As Senhor Perfect states it is a good way to put over a younger guy.
  4. I wouldn't be against it but it really isn't needed nor do I particularly care for him to win it. I'm just glad to see Jericho doing another WWE run period, him winning the Championship wouldn't really elevate my joy of him being back. There are plenty of other wrestlers who I'd rather see holding either of the two main championships. So yeah, I don't care either way.

    And current character. Simply because I like it better. Though it kind of does depend on who he's going up against.
  5. Would love to see him have one last title run, even for a very short time, as the Y2J persona though, i think it would be nice for him to hold that belt aloft one more time with the crowd going crazy, it would be a nice thankyou to someone who has given so much entertainment over the years
  6. If The Rock can come back and win the belt again, then it's not too late for another Jericho title run.
  7. I'd love to see Jericho make another title run! He still has lots of skill in the ring and can hold his own against the current and younger superstars.
  8. It's never too late for Jericho, babay.
    And it would be a great way for a wrestler to get his first title, from the hands of The Best in the World (the real one)
  9. I wouldn't mind this at all. The only issue is that I don't see it happening since there's so many people clogged up in the main-event scene right now. After WM, once superstars such as The Rock are gone, etc, then maybe we can see this happening.
  10. Wouldn't mind it, always nice to see Jericho, he's there full time and would put someone over big time when he lost. Would like it.
  11. Worldheavyweight run ? Wouldnt mind
  12. I'd definitely be fine with a legit Jericho title run, that way his return will mean more. The way he's left the last two times has put a damper on this run imo, not that he can't make it awesome overnight.

    Heel or face, Jericho plays both roles perfectly, so that doesn't matter.
  13. I'd be happy aslong as at the end he puts over a younger talent.
  14. I'd like to see him feud with DZ for the WHC.

    DZ winning it at Mania, Jericho starts a feud with him, and after 2 months DZ takes it back to get over.

    Not bad imo.:obama:
  15. I think it'd be awesome if the WHC match opened up Wrestlemania again, and ended with Ziggler cashing in on Del Rio and taking the title. That would make the (possible) Jericho/Ziggler match later on in the night for the belt. Jericho beats Ziggler and wins the belt (possibly thanks to interference from Del Rio), only to put Ziggler over in a huge way by dropping the belt to him at a later PPV (Del Rio getting involved in the feud could complicate things, too.) Only part I don't like is Ziggler having another short title reign, even if he won again later on in the year.
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