Storyline Too Late For Trust, Never Too Late For Decadence

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  1. *The camera zooms in on a shot of Renee Young standing in front of a plain, white wall with a benevolent expression on her face, with WHC Alias Antonio next to her, with not quite the same expression, as he looks down the hallway with a solemn expression, cracking his neck back and forth. Renee taps him in the back softly, signalling that the cameras are rolling for her to conduct the interview. Alias turns around slightly, and cracks a smile at Renee.*

    Alias: Go ahead.

    *Renee begins to speak with hesitation*

    Renee: Alias, it's been a hectic couple of days for you. Lately, you've been the subject of a somewhat controversial demand from the current authority to be more active in this federation to be considered as the rightful champion. In relation to that, you challenged a former IWT champion and a man who you hold two victories over - Aids Johnson, the guy who was making some of those demands.

    And on the other hand, we saw not long ago the return of Dat Kid, the man you defeated twice in one night to conquer the World Heavyweight Championship. And upon his return, he set out the challenge for Summerslam. A triple threat consisting of the IWT champion, the WHC champion, and himself in an attempt to unify the belts and you'd also have to assume in an attempt to get his revenge on you. Tell me what's been going through your head these past couple of days:

    *Alias kindly grabs the microphone off of Renee Young and signals for her to move*

    Alias: Thanks for putting all of that so eloquently, Renee. But in reality, only one question was needed, and that was, who's sorry ass am I gonna kick first? That's a tough one to be honest. Is it going to be the nonsensical, shit-talking GM's. Or is it going to be the man I beat.......twice! Dat Kid.

    All jokes aside, I've been cornered into a tough predicament, kinda complex to overcome - and that predicament is to be more active or lose my title. But for every predicament put infront of me, a more efficient solution is what comes out of me. For every man wanting to take what's rightfully mine off of me, I find a way to keep my success in a perpetual motion that is never-ending. People.......people have tried to beat me, but only a select few have. And the people wanting to take the title off of me are coincidentally some fools I've beaten and some other asswipe who I carried when I was apart of the second-rate stable The Order.

    Aids, Trip. You two sell-outs can bring out whoever you want to face me at Uprising, because in the end, Uprising will just be one small chapter in the forthcoming long-running saga of The Second Generation, and I'll still be holding this belt high and proud. Bottom line is that I want Aids at Money In The Bank, to see if he can backup his inebriated words that he so often slurs out. He's tried before, and he's failed. Money In The Bank will be no different.

    As for Dat Kid, I know and I can CONFIRM with my hand in heart that at Summerslam, I'll still be world champion. And I can say the same for fellow Second Generation partner Joey Bryant in respect to his IWT Title. You want your pity revenge so badly? You want the touch of my gold so deeply like the spoilt brat you are? Then me and Joey have no problem dealing with your bullshit once more. I warned Joey that you would just be a flash in a pan concerning his career, and I wasn't further from the truth. Dat Kid is a son of a bitch, and he'll have what's coming to him at Summerslam. I, for one, accept the challenge.

    Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio vs. Joey Bryant - Summerslam.

    Look up to the Second Generation, Look down to the scum we eliminate.

    Thanks for your time Renee. A pleasure.

    *Alias walks off nonchalantly*
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