Storyline Too Late For Trust

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  1. *The scene opens up backstage, with Renee Young walking into a locker room with a mic in her hand. We see the IWT Champion Joey Bryant pacing around back and forth with his title around his waist.*

    Renee Young: Joey, Dat Kid was just out there and I'm wondering...

    "Get out. Just get the hell out of my damn room, now."

    *Renee in shock just turns and walks out but the camera man stays.*

    "You didn't make Joey Bryant. No one but I made Joey Bryant, Aids claimed to make me, and now my own brother in arms? Dat Kid..."

    *He runs his hands through his hair and paces some more.*

    "Dat Kid, I waited for you, man. You left me with a "Congratulations" and I never saw you again. I had to fend for myself for the first time in months, I had to get a new partner, and not once did I get a call or anything from you. I guess nothing we did in the past matters, I guess none of it ever fucking matters. You created the Church, man! You brought me in, and you lose your title, and all of a sudden you have a change of heart? You're out to get me? You want MY gold now? Everything we did in the past from traveling together to dominating this company, none of that matters to you?! You say this is in worse shape than when you stole the roster but if you recall even when you did that, I stayed in IWT and never left. You continue to show up, pick someone, rise them up to their highest career point, then return a couple months later only to shut them down."

    *He pauses and sits down on a bench to prevent pacing some more.*

    "I hope I wasn't one of those "inexperienced brats" you were talking about because guys like myself are not inexperienced, and nor is Alias Antonio. Something happened in that corrupted brain of yours in your absence but Alias and I aren't just a couple guys you can challenge and expect to catch an easy win, homie! You should have learned that when you watched me become a 2x IWT Champion, when the both of us became #1 contenders to the tag belts. You want this belt at Summerslam? You want Antonio's too? Man, what a summer this is going to be then. That match could be match of the century. But first, I have to take down guys like Farooq and all you can do is sit there and pray that we still hold on to our belts."

    *He gets right to the camera.*

    "Farooq has taken down the remains of the Church, and when that died, a little piece of me died because the Church could have been the most dominant group in this company for years but now I'm left alone, brotherless with an ally for a partner. You may be one of the greatest IWT wrestlers of all time but you're talking to the greatest IWT 2nd generation wrestlers of all time and just like everyone has learned in the time you were gone, the 2nd generation will always topple over the last. It hurts what you said, I was hoping you'd come back and revive the Church, be ever stronger! But, I should have listened to Kaizer and my other peers. They knew the moment you came back you'd be looking to stab me cold in the back and it's happened, and it hasn't even hit me yet but I promise you... this belt is staying around my waist for a long time, and you're not killing it now. You might think your little return is going to throw me off and make me weaker but now that I realize I'm nearly alone, you're looking at the next IWT HOF member, the next 3x IWT Champion, 4x, 5x it's just going to go on and on because no matter what road block you throw at me, I'm going to get past it. I trusted you, Dat Kid. More than I trusted my own mother and right now, you're making the biggest mistake of your career. You can't kill your own creation, I've already become too strong."

    *He pushes the camera man out the door in frustration as the feed cuts.*
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  2. OOC: This getting heated up. But still 0/10, no mention of my challenge or the burial that is to ensue.
  3. OOC you're facing THG not DK. Looking forward to seeing the first and possibly only 4x champ, but first someone will have to dethrone the king.
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  4. OOC: I know but i challenged him before the match was set, to a dark match.
  5. You Dat Artist now? Pick a ME belt brah.
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  6. wait since when am i facing roadster
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  7. That's what Trip and Aids told me.
  8. Weird.
  9. Blame Dat Kid. It's not MITB, but are you really afraid of a big match?

    The real task IMO is you two selling the match as the co-main event. That is what I want to see. You want to face Aids? You have to prove you can main event regardless of who you face.

    It isn't enough being the #1 in the company, it's about how invested people are in the main event. That is something we all know you can do, and this is your chance to prove it, just like this is Roadsters chance to prove anyone can win a big match at any point in time. It's up to you both to get people invested.
  10. I'm confused, why do I have to blame Dat Kid? And what's MITB gotta do with this? I have no problem having a match with Roadster but I was just questioning the logic behind it and also why I wasn't contacted about it but he was.
  11. He was promised a WHC match before you won via Dat Kid. Also if you win MITB will be a true main event, Trip and I wanted to see you vs Roadster at Uprising and see how the build can go. Roadster was also supposed to leave the butthurt over the wait out, but it is what it is now, I just let the cat out of the bag.

    People can plan on you vs Roadster to fulfill Dat Kid's promise, since we all know Dat Kid won't be around to challenge for his rematch in time.
  12. What you mean butthurt? I think I asked Trip once or twice about it?
  13. Aw shit. No secret is safe in IWT. Fuck lol. Yes @THG? is booked against Sycosis (Roadseter, whatever) becuase he was indeed promised a match (at OSU apparently) and was on a bit of a streak (two wins I think). Plus the guy puts in work for IWT on the side in his spare time. I say give him a shot. Also, no offence @Sycosis , but this way I don't hear any whining about not getting the shot in the future. Aids is just being Aids when he phrases it that way.

    One match from the card out in the open early. :tough:
  14. OOC: 2 wins in 1 week :tough: and I'm not a Roadseter! :cry:
  15. I have never seen someone milk having two wins in one week so much.
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  16. Well we'll see how far it gets him. THG ain't no pushover.
  17. Two wins isn't impressive. Give me Roadie and I a match every day for a week and I'll have 7.
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  18. If anyone votes on the matches :((
  19. It's apart of my character. :bury:
  20. Just polishing up on my PR skills brah.
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