Top 10 People Dat Kid Would Have Liked To Face Before Retiring

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Dat Kid, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. I know I'm mid match but I'm having a 3rd birthday party so I won't be in any condition to write this later. Here's the people I would have liked to face before retiring in no order.

    Shadow - Always gave me a great match, even though it would be hard to build a feud from the ground up because of the character switch I think my hardest match was against him.

    Aids - The original Dat Kid rival is someone I would have liked to face in the main event of mania, but it should have happened years ago, too late now, but still would've been great.

    Trip in the Head - This is solely because he got a surprise win on me when I was on fire and I never got a rematch cause Jonofag.

    Victoria Parker - Anyone else feel like the rivalry never finished?

    Joey Bryant - I don't think I fought him one on one.

    Roadster - You lost like three times to me and part of me wanted to see you get better and pull of thr W as that character.

    Alkaline/Spot - You were never in singles competition, so we never fought.

    Spawn - Had I not been retiring I would have pursued a rivalry with you as King Zero and in fact it was supposed to happen but then i got busy. I don't remember what the plans were, but I'm glad you're in the main event instead of that rando that won the Royal Rumble.

    Black Jesus - I forget your IWT character name but you had a draw with me in a dark match and we never fought again.

    Jwab - I robbed you of your WHC win at EC, my IWT career got a reboot and you turned into the Miz, part of me feels obligated to do you a favor with a good rivalry.

    I'm sorry to most of the new guys who I didn't mention, I'm sure you're good, but I haven't been following close enough.
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  2. We had two matches sweet prince. 1-1.

    I would love to have one last match next month, but going out in a match against THG sounds better.
  3. Pretty sure i rekted u scrub
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  4. You beat me by a close margin two years ago. If you count getting buried alive as rekng me, I guess you rekd me.
  5. 4/20 was your actual birthday? Huh, happy late bday then.

    And yeah, you were my favorite opponent with my old character. Match was great, but it should've happened a lot sooner. I'd have been down to have faced you last month with my new character, would be down whenever if you weren't retiring. Could've easily spun it to were I've beaten a who's who of people, but I've never faced god.
  6. lol doesn't want to rematch me because he's scared
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  7. We fought?
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  8. Always a match that was fun and could draw. I'd have liked to see you vs Fooq one more time If I could replace myself on the list.
  9. Don't worry, you don't have to be around for me to squash you again :smirk2:
  10. Must have beat you so bad you forgot
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  11. Dat Kid Vs. Victoria Parker today would be $$$
    So much history and se- nvm
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  12. One more match. SS, I'll still be champ.
  13. [​IMG] I crippled his ass
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  14. That whole time period with you and I, with the Church, and with Alias is one of my all time favorite things. I also don't think we ever faced 1 on 1 but that storyline alone was dope as fuck and I had a blast through all of it so it's all good.
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  15. I crippled his ass boy.
  16. If Aids'd win anything it's this gay off atm.
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  17. Thanks for the shoutout, Kid. You will forever be my favorite person in IWT.
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  18. Goodbye brother, see you on the flip side my man!