Top 3 moments of 2013

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    I Put this in WWE, so i guess we will stick to one topic.

    The thread is simple, your 3 favorite matches/moments of 2013 as of this date.

    Thought way back and cant give a solid #3. Going to have to go

    #3. Orton winning, i won a lot of bets. Cheap? Sure. great? You bet.

    #2. Jerich in the royal rumble. That was magic, i dont care that i knew he would be back or assumed it was him then.

    #1 Ziggler cashing in on ADR. That pop was magic.
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  2. #1 for me is Bryan owning The Shield

    I marked like a little bitch.
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  3. Ziggler cashing in
    Ziggler/ADR double turn
    Wyatt debut
  4. #1 Punk beating Rock
    #2 The Shield
    #3 Sheamus falcon punch Christian
  5. 3. Jericho returning at the Royal Rumble
    2. The Wyatt Family debut
    1. Dean Ambrose winning his first WM match:fap:
  6. Ziggy's cash in, Wyatt's debut, Jericho's Rumble return.
  7. My favorite moment was when sim cara was the special ref for a yoshi tatsu vs Daniel bryan vs John cena match at ss and sin cara botched the 3 count and accidentally awarded the win to yoshi. Then everyone attending ss commited suicide. Afterwards great khaki attacked Daniel bryan but luckily teddy long came out and makes a tag team match between db and cena vs khaki and sin cara. Sin cara tried to tag in khali but botched it and hits the ref and the team gets DQed. 3MB then came out and beat the crap out of everyone in the ring and reveal the new 4th me member CHRIS BENOIT! They all start air guitar in the ring. Then 3MB leaves but immediately the shield tie Daniel bryan to a pole and have Michael cole scream "HOUNDS OF JUSTICE" and "PACK OF WOLF MENTALITY" at DB. Then Kevin Nash comes out and tries to jackknife DB but he tears his quad in the process.
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  8. What.The.Fuck.
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  9. 1. Ziggler's cash in, comfortably.
    2. Ziggler/ADR's double turn. What made it funnier was that just about everyone was hating on it at the time.
    3. The Shield in general, but their win over Sheamus/Cena/Ryback totally swerved me so that'll go no.3 for me.
  10. 3. Jericho coming back in the RR. I went absolutely nuts so that is definitely worth a spot.
    2. Ziggler/ADR's double turns. I have to say it was booked well and Ziggler finally being given something new is more than a-ok in my book.
    1. Daniel Bryan... just Daniel Bryan. Ever since splitting up with Kane he's been the highlight of every show and in 2014 I bet we'll all look back and say that 2013 was the year of D-Bry.
  11. 1 dolph ziggler cash in
    2 undertaker putting the shield over
    3 y2j return
  12. 1-Ziggler cash in (I cried :yay:)
    2-Jericho's return, the crowd was going nuts.
    3-Orton winning MITB :umad:.
  13. 1. Rhodes MITB Ladder Match
    2. Ziggler cashing in
    3. Jericho and Goldust in the RR
  14. I am surprised and disgusted that no one has mentioned this moment:

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  15. 3. Jericho in RR
    2. The Wyatt Family
    1. This... Just... This..

  16. It crossed my mind, but I didn't want to be a fag and post a bunch of honorable mentions
  17. When the Shield triple-powerbombed the Rock + everything else in this thread. Can't only pick 3.
  18. 1. Handing Henry the stick with no storyline in place had him dictating the pace of the feud moving forward... very classy

    2. Punk eating Dwayne (Dywane, DeWayne) alive on the mic was savvy... it was great to see Punk rip the universe for being the puppets they are

    3. Punk Heyman (yep) mocking Taker and his loser family (R.I.P). Taker looked foolish as he should have. The deadman gimmick is beyond tired and didn't do justice considering his mentor was desecrated shamelessly