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    1.Kevin Owens
    2.Aj Styles
    3.Seth Rollins
    4.Randy Orton
    5.Bray wyatt


    1.Kevin Owens
    2.Seth Rollins
    3.Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
    4.Sami Zayn

    1.AJ Styles
    2.Randy Orton
    3.Bray Wyatt
    4.Dolph Ziggler
    5.Deam Ambrose

    Name your top 5
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  2. Top 5 from each brand or from both brands combined?
  3. RAW:
    1. Seth Rollins
    2. Cesaro
    3. Kevin Owens
    4. Sami Zayn
    5. Brock Lesnar

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Dean Ambrose
    3. The Miz
    4. Randy Orton
    5. Bray Wyatt

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Seth Rollins
    3. Cesaro
    4. Kevin Owens
    5. Sami Zayn
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  4. Sorry didn't respond sooner but I did mean the top 5 from both RAW & SMACKDOWN combined but your answered covered it all LOL
    I do question your 3rd pick for SMACKDOWN I mean REALLY?
  5. 1. Seth Rollins
    2. Kevin Owens
    3. Finn Balor
    4. Sami Zayn
    5. Dean Ambrose
  6. Finn is great but not active right now #6 More Months
  7. REALLY! I've always liked The Miz and he's in my top 5 on the SmackDown roster right now.

    The dude isn't a 5* worker like AJ Styles, but he gets the job done in the ring and he's great on the mic.
  8. I really did enjoy the really promo's But Not a big Miz fan..... just doesn't appeal to me really after they demoted him from fighting Cena years ago he has never been able to get back up to that level It's sad in a way Well he has Maryse that's a +
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  12. #1 Roman Reigns
    #2 AJ Styles
    #3 Seth Rollins
    #4 Kevin Owens
    #5 Sami Zayn
  13. Why reign's as #1?