OOC Top 5 Draws?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by CrayJ Lee, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. I thought this might be a fun thread to make.

    Looking at the roster, who (in your opinion), are the top five draws in the IWT?
  2. FTj :stopspot: lol, prob me, from, you(vp), fooq, and gav.
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  3. aka the IWT oldfags.
  4. Who are you calling old? :rock:
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  5. Using IWT names!
    Victoria Parker
    Joey Bryant
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  6. AIDS,VP,Joey Bryant, Farooq, and FTJ (come on admit it)
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  7. I could've been smug and said I'm a draw, but I know I'm not.
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  8. if we do this at SS i bet it changes
    Joey Bryant

    all could be future ME, with DK being a sure thing. Nick, trip, and a lot of others are possible
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  9. us.
  10. OH HELL NO!
  11. You're the one who's old. I think the gray hairs are starting to show.
  12. They look good.
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  13. VP, Aids, FTJ, Crayo and DK
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  14. :harvey::please-54:
  15. I hear Craydaddy might be back, but it was Meltzer
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  16. 1. FTJ
    2. FTJ
    3. FTJ
    4. FTJ
    5. FTJ

    77. Aids "irrelevant" Johnson :umad:
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  17. what has Meltzer said about D'Z lately
  18. he wets the bed when he drinks