Top 5 mic workers?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Who does everyone think are the top 5 mic workers in the WWE just now?

    For me:

    1.Rock - hope he gets serious again though, still has an amazing ability to work a crowd and was hilarious last week.
    2. Jericho

    3.CM Punk

    4. The Miz

    5. Cena or HHH

    IMO Cena and HHH are overrated on the mic. They are obviously great on the mic but they aren't the best. Cena can't cut a serious promo at the moment. He is so desperate to get over he just ignores the fued itself (The Rock). I don't think he puts in enough effort against some opponents (Del Rio for example).

    HHH bores me to death with some of his promos. He can be amazing as he showed a couple of weeks ago with his promo with Shawn, but he balances it out with his dull as fook ones.

    What does everyone else think?
    1. Chris Jericho
    2. CM Punk
    3. The Miz
    4. John Cena
    5. The Rock

    The Rock is still great but the majority of his promos recently is what's trending on twitter and terms like "Kung Po Bitch". He can be better but he's using ridiculous shit like that and it pisses me off.
  2. 1- The Rock
    2- Jericho
    3- Wade Barrett
    4- CM Punk
    5- Miz
  3. This. But I feel so wrong not putting Wade in there.
  4. Rock, Jericho, Cena, and Barrett are the creme dela creme IMO and then a slew of guys who can be the #5 on the list. I'll go with Rhodes just because face CM Punk doesn't do anything for me and Miz has been dreadful since around the time he and R-Truth split up
  5. :O

    I totally forgot Wade..

  6. I knew you were still a Barrett mark at heart.
  7. I sorta did as well :emoji_hushed:

    He would probably replace Cena and HHH on mine then :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Yeah, don't know who you should scrap else..
  9. Just trying to stay objective :silva:
  10. God remove HHH from that list. The only times he worked a mic best was when he was and reunited DX in 2009 along with being a heel on Raw as WHC.
  11. HHH in 2000 > any other incarnation imo. He was the ultimate heel that year.

  12. Exactly I was a complete mark for HHH as I watched Raw every Monday just to see him. I was little and hated heels but HHH was just boss.
  13. Yeah heel HHH in 2000 was great, still dragged on too much in promos though.
  14. Sure thing, I hated Orton and Edge's guts soo bad..
    Just an example to sell your character to the top.
  15. - Jericho
    - Miz
    - Barrett
    - Regal
    - Cody

    Cena & Rock are good but I think way overrated to be admired for what my list can offer
    Cody is a great heel on the mic and you can't predict anything he will say like you can with cena & rock
    Jericho you can predict some stuff like the whole best in the world at what I do and do you understand what I am saying to you right now...but I think the way he returned and trolled everybody gets my vote
    Miz definitely one of the best mic workers to grace WWE including the attitude era!
    Barrett and Regal just for the whole English accents and they CAN deliver a good mic segment!
  16. 1. Kane

    2. Chris Jericho
    3. Triple H
    4. Johnny Ace
    5. Daniel Bryan
  17. Shocked to see Kane and Ace in there.
  18. Kane definitely he is extravagant on the mic.
  19. Not the best though in my opinion. He's good but no way the best.
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