Total Divas S2E1 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Mar 16, 2014.

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    What up, ladies. Tonight is the return of Total Divas! Jojo has kinda been replaced by Summer Rae. [BOOOOO!] #WeWantJojo

    What else? We left off at Daniel Bryan proposing to Brie Bella and Nikki and John discussing their future.

    @Shadow @SharpySandow
  2. Nikki seemed to be a straight mess after his response at the end of Season 1.
    Can't wait to see how much of a slut Summer Rae is :emoji_slight_smile: She seems like that kind of hoe bag.
  3. My memory ain't really vivid on the last episode, so all I really recall is them talking at dinner or something. John doesn't want to get married? [Am I right?]
  4. Yeahh im pretty sure it was because he just doesnt want to get married again or have kids or atleast that's what he says, although I imagine after retirement he's probably going to have a different attitude about it.
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  5. True true.

    Hey, Nikki...

    Points at myself

    If you're in a rush on wanting to start a family, I'm right here.
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  6. Yeah I'd be down to have her kids any day.
  7. I think before Cena hit it, Ziggler did. :rollins:

    Amazing girl.
  8. Fuck this show.
  9. Pushes Punk out of the way

    How you doin'?
  10. I wish. Excluding Cameron(Arianna).
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  11. I meant it as in the show, not the people. I don't understand why this show exists, it just shows 90% of them being bitches. I
    As if we haven't already had enough of that on television already. And now WWE decides they want to hop onto the bandwagon. I miss the WWF days.
  12. Tags myself in

    Hey, Nikki... I was wondering... you know...
    If you wanted to go to the mall and shop... [Kicks the floor and holds both hands behind his back]
    I can hold your stuff while I watch you try on clothes...
  13. Summer Rae's teeth look fucked up in some of the promo videos but in pictures they look okay, I'll have to get a better look tonight I suppose.
  14. I'm not into reality programming myself, Jersey Shore was literally the most retarded thing ever.
    I dunno.
    I just watch it because it's WWE related. Some of the stuff makes me cringe though.
  15. It's a distraction so you don't pay attention to her nose.
  16. I will never force myself to watch reality programming ever. I don't care who or what makes it. I will never fucking watch that shit.
  17. I quite enjoy Total Divas to be fair.
  18. Well where the hell is jojo I mean I kinda knew summer was gonna get added sooner or later to the total divas and if there is a season 3 it will be Renee young's time to shine LMAO
  19. Alright I'm here!
  20. Summer Rae & Eva interesting.