Totally gorgeous picture of K2 courtesy of Big Hoss

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  1. [​IMG]

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    Is Kelly Kelly fit?

    OH HELL NO!!

  2. Vickie blows her out the sea.
  3. So you finally admit that Vickie is a whale!
  4. There is nothing gorgeous about this IMO. KK's face is below average

    she is just a blonde with tits and that is it.
  5. I'm not sure if that was aimed at me Dolph's, but I was being ironic, I think she's a mutt.
  6. It's aimed at anyone that finds her attractive. She looks like she has taken too many balls to the face; she always has a retarded look about her that is a complete turn off.
  7. Lol'd. Nice.

    But no, Vickie is gorgeous.
  8. I don't even... [​IMG]
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  9. Kelly Kelly is fit, she is a very hot girl and im a huge fan of hers :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Agreed. Kelly Kelly is the biggest butterface on the roster.

    ROSA on the other hand... well... you'll never catch her stuffing her face like this.

  11. Good for you captain Ahab.
  12. Savage's pipebomb turning into a duck :lol1::lol1:
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  13. SO? She had 1 barger be fuckin deal! SHE STILL A GREAT WRESTLER AND EVEN A HOTTER DIVA!

  14. Yep, turning into duck, but not turning heel.:pity:
  15. That was her fourth one. :true: