Tottenham/Man City

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  1. What a wonderful game this has been. City opened the scoring in 4 minutes against the run of play, but AVB made an awesome tactical decision at half time. Now it's 3-1 to Spurs, and it's been amazing. If I were forced to support another PL team than United, it would be Spurs probably. They play such fantastic football, their fans are great, they "never give up". Love it. I'm marking out here, and not just because City are losing, but because of how good the goals were and stuff.

    Defoe's finish was world class. Bale's was even better. Martin Tyler is awesome when he cares about matches too. Neville has just been typical GOAT.
  2. Been awesome match, Huddlestone has been brilliant.

    Also, fuck my luck, I missed both the third and second goals from getting something to eat, I go downstairs at 1-1, come back up 3 minute later at 3-1. -_-
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  3. Stop being so fat then you noob :emoji_wink:.

    Yep Huddlestone has been incredible. Someone used so sporadically changing the game like that was great. Moving Bale to the right, freeing up Dembele/Haltby, and Defoe coming on have changed the game. Defoe is awesome.
  4. When Bale squared it for Dempsey's goal the city defence just stood still, it was that good a ball.
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  5. Goes to show AVB should have been given a chance at Chelsea doesn't it, he's been incredible at Tottenham and they are much better to watch now.

    Also, it was only a tuna sub, give me a break. Heisenberg made me want one last night so first thing this morning I get my ass down there and flip tables until they give me one.
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  6. Was such a good ball. So good that it overshadowed his awesome finish for the third. I have no idea how Spurs will keep him. He is probably the most in form player in the world right now, and that is including Messi/Ronaldo.

    Definitely. Though Chelsea was always a sinking ship. AVB will benefit from stability, and I'm glad Tottenham are doing well under him. I hope they get top four so they keep Bale (unless he wants to come to United ofc).

    Okay, I'll let you off. Tuna subs are dope.
  7. Yep, he probably wouldn't have been the same at Chelsea because he would have never had the full backing from Abrohamovic or however you spell it, but saying that, does any Chelsea manager really ever have the full backing of him? He sacks managers like there's no tomorrow, which is why Chelsea will never win trophies and titles as consistantly as United do imo. I also want Bale to stay, they're my second team probably, between them, Everton and United, I've always really liked WBA for some reason as well. So I wouldn't mind him leaving if it was to United, but only them, I really want to see what SAF would do with him.
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  8. Wish I could like a post more than once.

    Agreed. Abramovic is just a retard. No other word for him.
  9. Just make Xanth like it, he's your bitch anyway. :dawg:

    Anyway, what's the other game today?
  10. Chelsea/Liverpool

    Where the retarded Chelsea fans will boo their manager, and the also retarded Liverpool fans will cheer the opposition manager. Whilst the latter isn't retarded, Liverpool fans in general still are. :pipebomb:
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  11. Haha, they still talk about him as if he is some kind of messiah though, yeah he did an alright job but let's not forget that he was also the one who dragged them into this pit of mediocrity that they are in now, without him maybe they would still be a consistent top 4 team.
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  12. Agreed. He sold good players and bought mediocre players imo. The same as what Dalglish did.
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  13. Exactly, pretty much the same thing as Arsenal are doing right now, their one saving grace though is that they have a good eye for snapping up young, quality players and they have a lot of money to spend if everything goes wrong, Liverpool never really brought people through the academy and blew all of their money on buying a full team of average players. Top that off with the fact that their managerial choices since Rafa have been questionable to say the least it all adds up to a recipe for failure.
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  14. Agreed. Arsenal are probably the best at doing that at the moment too with Liverpool. You sell RVP and replace him with Giroud (and Podolski I guess). I love the philosophy of buying young players cheap and developing them, because United do that so well, but you don't sell a world class player and replace him with a guy who MIGHT be good in a few years. If we were to sell Rooney, we would replace him with a Falcao, or Lewandowski, or someone like that. If we were to sell Ashley Young, we would replace him with a Zaha. I think that's the best way to go about it imo.

    They also sold Fabregas and replaced him with Arteta. I mean, Arteta is good, but they are completely different players. You sell Nasri and don't even replace him, lol.
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  15. I blame Downing for Liverpools demise.
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  16. Ikr. All his fault.
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  17. Reported.
  18. In all seriousness though, what was Dalglish thinking?

    "I'm trying to get to the top four, so I'll buy Downing, Henderson, and pay a record PL transfer fee for this new guy Andy Carroll"
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  19. I'm still shocked any one could think £35 million on Carroll and 15 on Henderson was a good idea too, jesus the North East raped Liverpool didn't they? Pretty dull game thus far imo. Neither of team seem willing to make a move so far
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  20. It was baffling. That's a word that gets used a lot. Like paying as much money for Hazard as United/City/Chelsea (who did) were willing to, but you can sort of understand that with his talent/reputation. But Carroll, Henderson, and Downing? So much money on three players who were so unproven/poor (sorry Cole, I really am). It was genuinely BAFFLING.

    And yeah, the only highlights for me so far has been watching Suarez fall over a lot.

    Hey, Suarez, your teeth are offside.