Storyline "Toughen The Fuck Up, Ryan."

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  1. After the confusion with the general manger Aiden Ryan is shown walking down the halls of the backstage area

    He Seems to be making his way towards the locker room.

    Walking to the locker room Aiden spots a trail of his ring gear and personal belongings scattered around.
    "Not today... Please."
    Aiden sighs to himself walking along picking up each and every item.
    Finding his way into the locker room he still finds more items damaged, thrown, hung all over the locker room. He leans himself in the archway of the door and slides down slowly and starts to count.
    "One... Two... Three... Fo... Fo.. Four... Fiv... Five."
    Aiden slowly counts tapping his foot against the door which is rocking back and forth with every tap.

    He hears feet clacking towards him, he hopes there could be display of mercy or maybe some guidance.
    "Shouldn't let this go to waste"
    Vickie Guerrero Cackles walking past pouring her beverage upon Aiden Ryan's head, she drops the cup directly by his feet which he stares at intensely.

    His eyes begin to water as he struggles to hold the wanted tears behind his lids. He looks at his sleeve on the right side of his shirt and begins rolling his sleeve down. as he tilts his head forward and hides himself into his sleeve, he then allows the tears to rain down onto his arm.

    As time goes by Aiden just sits there with his face hidden, feeling shelved off from the world and it's evil antics.

    Harriet Vargas appears from around the corner, a ring assistant attempting to help her limp along.

    'I told you, I don't need help, now get the fuck off.' She barks at the assistant. The assistant backs off and watches as Harriet slowly and gingerly walks towards Aiden, one hand using the wall for support. As she wipes the fresh blood from her face she spots him, angrily swiping the tears from his face.

    'Little bitch.'
    'What!? No, I'm not!'
    Aiden snaps at Harriet.
    'Which one of us is crying?' She gives him a pointed look. 'Did you just go out there and have this done to you?' Harriet points at her bleeding and swollen nose.
    'No, but-' Harriet holds up a hand, silencing Aiden.
    'Not interested, kid. I can't work out why you're even still here. You're weak Ryan... Soweak.'
    Aiden and Harriet are silent, each one staring at the other. Harriet shakes her head in disgust.
    'I don't know what The Order see in you, all you do is cry and play the victim. It's pathetic. You think you've had it rough?' Harriet laughs bitterly. 'You don't even know what a tough life is. Is this how you're going to act if you don't get the briefcase at Money In The Bank? Cause believe me- if I'm anywhere near that match you won't last thirty seconds. I'm smarter, faster, stronger, just better than you. You aren't even in the same pedigree as me and if you ever want to be on my level, I suggest you toughen the fuck up and actually put up a fight for once in your pathetic life. Otherwise, you're done for in this company.'

    Harriet doesn't wait for a response, limping off towards the female locker room.

    Aiden looks over at the locker room which looks destroyed with all of his belongings.
    He lifts himself up slowly and walks into the locker room closing the door shut behind him.

    The Camera then switches to the ring where the announcer is announcing the next contest.

    Credits (open)
    Special Thanks To Both @Trip in the Head And @Majour for helping me out with my segments at this pay per view. Both segments were amazing and I hope to work with you guys more in the future.
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