TPB gets a documentary

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  1. If you have been on their site lately, this is up to check out. For the rest of you, this is going to be an amazing doc on 2 people who started out at a good young age showing up/off to companies like Disney/MGM/Universal, and all their court battles. This is totally worth checking into.
  2. cant wait to see it :emoji_grin:
  3. Sweet, when's it out?
  4. Signed up for email info and haven't recieved anything yet. I have to assume itll randomly drop, which i think is awesome.

  5. Here you go champs, it came out last week but i just got time to check it out, bumping and posting the whole doc, check this out.
  6. I appreciate TPB and all, but I cba to watch that shit :pity2:
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  7. Trailer actually makes it look watchable. I'll try
  8. It was a good, quick 90 minutes. Subtitles are hard to read in some places, but other than that, good stuff.
  9. Watched it when you posted the OP, it was quite a good documentary. Just shows how corrupt people are.
  10. The op was a trailer.
  11. Wait, when was this thread posted? I presumed you posted it the day it came out. I got the link from a thread on HF talking about it. Sorry :dawg:
  12. Haha no, the trailer was jan 13th, it came out feb 8th.
  13. Show Spoiler
    Just finished watching. I didn't know they actually lost the case in the end.
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    Yeah, that was awesome for me, as i assumed they won and i knew essentially everything else. It wasn't awesome, but the surprise was dope.

    Good doc, really, really hard to read sometimes.

    ETA: Spoiler @Crayo the deal please.
  15. Why would the surprise be dope lol? I was gutted.
  16. I could have spoilered myself, but thanks beautiful. You get my valentins day dildo? It looks like a pink eraser, but its a mold of my penis.

    I just was kind of getting bored from reading so much about them before. It was a great doc for anyone who doesn't know their deal, but i was just blown away when i saw what happened, it was interesting was a better way to put it.
  17. I'm glad they lost. They were a bit too cocky for my taste, and the dude with the scraggly beard had some fucked up teeth that made me want to slit his throat.
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  18. If that isn't a legit reason, i'm not sure what is. At least every time i've linked you a torrent, it's been TPB. :pity:
  19. You are smart enough to help run TPB but not smart enough to remember to brush your fucking teeth every now and again? Fuck him. Hopefully he's in jail right now
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  20. :pity1::pity1:

    They were bosses. No one else replies to DMCA's from Hollywood with "go fuck yourself". Who needs clean teeth when you're the boss of the internet?