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  1. TPB (The Person Below) - You basically state something that the person below you may or may not have done. The next user quotes them and answers true or false. You can go into detail if you would like. Then that same user posts another statement. And so on and so forth. I think it is easy to understand. I will start.

    TPB didn't eat any breakfast today.
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  2. False.

    TPB has worn women's clothing.
  3. True - and I am not ashamed lol

    TPB enjoys sleeping more than the average person.
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  4. Mehh, False.

    TPB has a CM Punk shirt.
  5. False.

    TPB squirts to Karl Anderson.
  6. Glad you caught my cam show.

    TPB is gonna die
  7. We all are.

    TPB poop their pants for internet respect.
  8. True

    TPB is a lesbian
  9. Another cam show viewer? I'm doin' great buis-i-ness.

    TPB has jerked to TGMI
  10. ... Probably.

    TPB enjoys long walks on the beach
  11. False. There are no beaches here, just bitches. :dawg:

    TPB enjoys doner kebab.
  12. Nah.

    TPB likes gyros, because they're fucking awesome.
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