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  1. Robert Hirax is seen in sweat pants, a hoodie and tennis shoes in a gym. He's punching a punching bag fast, moving at lightning speed. He then runs over to the jump rope and starts using it. He then goes and lifts some weights, because he lifts bros(and ladies he's single).

    He then runs out and starts running and running. He keeps running and running, running beside a lake. He runs past people and keeps running. He keeps running past a neighborhood and past buildings. He keeps running and running and running. He runs up a fleet of stairs, not missing any stair. Sweat pours down his face, the intensity gets to him. He makes it all the way to the top. He pulls down his hood and looks down the fleet of stairs, raising his arms.

    "I AM READY TO FIGHT!!" He yells, before police suddenly tackle him and handcuff him. "What the hell?!" He says. "You're black and you're running, obviously you stole something." They said, putting him in a cop car and driving off.
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